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Endings hurts bad......
Hey guys, a warm greetings from my side. As this beautiful journey came on end I would like to say few words. The journey of Santan Bhava was extraordinarily amazing for me. When I started writing this story I never thought that I will get such fantastic responses from everyone. The day I watched Badhai Ho trailer for first time it made me hooked with it instantly and I watched it multiple time.

The trailer hooked me with it so much that I my mind started to run in different directions and I ended up typing the prologue. I want to thank maanvir a big time for encouraging, she not only motivated me but guided me and I'm so glad to have her with me.

Next in row I want to thank each and every member who stayed in touch with me through watsapp, instagram and wattpad. Encouraged and supported me with there kind words. Their are so many people's I want to thank but I know it's practically not possible to include everyone hence I sincerely want to thank everyone,  my watsapp buddies to the active readers of this story as well the silent readers. I'm practically nothing without you peoples.

And I also want to apologise if I hurted someone while writing this piece. The journey was simply fantastic and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for being such a wonderful and patient readers. I own you big time ❤.

It's the last part of the story, if anyone wishes to drop their views about this story then please do it. I would love to read those.

And with that a I'm signing off from santan bhava:
Till next time.....


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