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"Bye Lacy see you tonight!" I screamed up the stairs of our student shit hole to where she was watching Gordie shore, with romantic interest Jacob. 

"Yeah have fun with Josh" she called back, then her door closed, I raised an eyebrow and made my way out the door. It was a cool evening, a nice autumn breeze, I pulled my denim jacket round myself and started to walk down the street, listening to my music on full volume, blocking the world out. I love Saturdays, my only night off, and a day off university tomorrow, so a lovely evening with Josh is just what I needed. 

after my twenty minutes walk down into Brighton high street, where he lives, the temperature had dropped a little, and I finally got to his front door. a much nicer house than mine as it was his family home, I rang the doorbell and heard the bark of his adorable labrador Polly. His dad answered the door smiling as usual.

"Hello Jamie, come in, Josh is upstairs." he gestured me in as Polly ran up and gave me kisses, her cute golden face smiling up at me as she wagged her tail. once I gave her enough hugs, she ran off to the back of the house as Dave (Josh's dad) closed the door. I jumped up the stairs and into Josh's room, where of course he was playing against his mates on play station, screaming at the tv. 

"Hey babe....no matt, its Jamie, shes come over." he waved me over to sit next to him, on his boojie bed, which matched his room, one statement dark blue wall, mirrored wardrobes covering a whole wall, then the massive bed, with a flat-screen that can be hidden in a slot at the end of the bed.  

I plopped down next to him, I saw my dreadful reflection in the mirror opposite, my long brown hair was a mess, and my make up less face was chapped from the cool wind. I put some chapstick on my dry lips. all while Josh was yelling at his tv, his usually soft, but at the moment piercing blue eyes focused on the game. every time he lost he fell back running his hand stressfully through his un gelled brown hair. About ten minutes after I sat down he finally took his headpiece off and put the remote on his side table, then faced me smiling again.

"you alright?" he pulled me in for a hug. I loved his amazing bear hugs, made me all warm and fuzzy. 

"I'm tired but great, you?" squeezing him even more, before letting him go.

"I'm fine yeah. I wanna take you out tonight, is that cool?" he asked looking away.

"I look like shit though Josh..." I frowned looking down at my baggy black T-shirt, and denim shorts. 

"You never look shit, don't be silly, it's only me, and you always look beautiful to me." he jumped down off the bed and went to his wardrobe, grabbed some jeans and a white shirt, then turned and smiled at me. "Plus your spare make up bag is here if you really feel shit, but I prefer you without that crap on your face, and you know that." then he turned around and got changed.

"Hmmm, I'll do my brows and lashes then." I went over to his draws and pulled out my pink makeup bag, it had always been a backup, so just seemed easier to leave on here. "where are you taking me then?" I asked as I started drawing my light brown lashes on.

"I was thinking we could go to casalingo, then go for a walk after along the seafront." he walked over to where I was and grabbed his aftershave, which made me weak at the knees every time I went near him.

"Yeah sounds lush." I went to kiss him, but he turned to go to the bathroom. was it just that he hadn't seen me go to kiss him, or was something wrong...weird, but I forgot it and carried on getting ready. 


We were sat at Casalingos, and something wasn't right, with josh, but I also felt like I was being watched. I ignored the being watched, so I could focus on Josh.

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