Chapter Forty-Three.

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"Given the night I've been having I, for one, could use a libation, so... salud." Veronica spoke as she grabbed a jell-o shot from the tray going around. We had been at the party for roughly an hour now and finally everyone had arrived meaning the night was ready to kick off.

Once the drinks tray reached Sweet Pea and I we both grabbed a shot, toasting each other and downing the sweet beverage in one go. Feeling the familiar yet distant burn of the vodka mixed with the soothing of the jell-o made my body instantly relax, I knew a couple more of these and I'd be having the best night of my life. 

Sweet Pea leant down and kissed me passionately on the lips for a brief amount of time whilst everyone else took their shots. I glanced over at Evelyn to see a giant smile plastered on her face as she turned around and nodded towards the DJ for him to start the music up once more.

I watched with curiosity as Betty and Evelyn conversed before being startled at Evelyn's sudden outbreak in song.

"Dad says, 'act your age.'" 

Reggie jumped towards her throwing an arm carefully around her petite shoulders as he joined in the singing, clearing having drunk more than the rest of us.

"You heard the boss it's time to rage"

Evelyn smiled as they looked at each other and continued singing, Sweet Pea dragging me into the centre to join in. I wasn't much of a singing girl but I sure as hell wasn't someone to turn down a good party moment.

"Blass the bass, turn out the light. Ain't nobody home tonight." 

Sweet Pea and I danced together as Kevin walked around the random bathtub in the middle of the room, he'd decided to join in the fun too.

"Get down, it's all cool."

Evelyn smiled once more as everyone, including myself and Sweet Pea, danced our way into the next room.

"Jump right in my heated pool

Punch the wall and start a fight

Ain't nobody home tonight."

Before I knew it everyone including Veronica and Cheryl had joined in our spontaneous musical number.

"Ah, the folks are gone

It's time for big fun, big fun

We're up till dawn

Having some big fun, big fun

It's time to overflow 

That hot tub on the patio

It's big fun

Big fun

It's big fun"

Once again we found ourselves skipping through to another room, Sweet Pea's hand securely around my waist as he glanced down and winked at me as he held a giant smile on his face. It was moments like this that made me realise just how lucky I was to have fallen in love with this particular boy. Glancing to my right I saw Reggie and Veronica singing quietly to themselves in a rather heated exchange, a smile crept onto my face at the thought of Reggie finally finding someone who will better him. 

"Dreams are coming true

When people laugh

But not at you"

Evelyn and Kevin were singing at the front of what I could only describe as a musical conga line.

"I'm not alone, I'm not afraid

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