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I don't know
if it's a blessing
or a curse
to feel so much
and yet
hide it all

A/N: I ordered a few books and one of them arrived today! Eeep! It's been such a long time since I bought books. In fact, it's been longer since I properly actually read one. I don't know where life's taking me right now but I had stopped a lot of things on the way that I once used to enjoy. So I'm glad I could find my way back to books at least. I finished reading four books in last two months. Of course, I was free enough to do so and at home which is probably why I could do it, without stressing about my current life in general. But I go back next week. Though I hope I can stick around with books this time. I'm excited for the three other that I ordered arriving tomorrow. I'll list them down when they're all here.

PS I don't know how many of you are reading this book right now OR my author notes for that matter (that lately contain a lot of weird life updates), but thank you. It still amazes me how many people decide to stick around for my slacky updates and how they find my book worthy of their time. It means a lot. 💜

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