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a late afternoon sat in zak's room, putting light over his body and other surfaces. his eyes slowly opened, and a slight burn from crying caused him to use the bedsheets to cover his face .

he didn't know what time it was, nor did he care. but judging by the bright sun that danced around his room, he knew the sun would already set.

once again though, he didn't really care. he could only replay the events that had happened less than 24 hours.

he was really devastated and so sad that he couldn't think of anything else. other than the fact that he really messed up.

he layed still on his bed, with his phone ringing off with notifications. with a slow instinct, he reached for his phone, turning it on.

Monday, July 22

Notification Center

darryl 😳💕
9 more notifications

「 TWITTER 2h ago
please come on ts when u get online
13 more notifications

「 INSTAGRAM 2h ago
(skeppy): a6dinsta: it's important
4 more notifications

most of the notifications were of people worried that he wasn't online. which wasn't a surprise for anyone, but others were just spam.

zak glanced and frowned at darryl's message. what would he want now? didn't he not want to talk to him anymore?

he left the messages unopened, afraid of what it would reveal. instead, he dragged himself onto his computer, turning it on. it got invaded with notifications as well, which he didn't really pay attention to. he then went  on teamspeak and waited for his friend.

you have been mov-

"skeppy?" a voice interrupted, which zak knew too well.

"what happened a6d?" he said quietly, without any real emotion in his voice.

"are you okay, skeppy?" vincent asked, before continuing, "you forgot."

"forgot what?" skeppy was too tired. he didn't really know what to do with his brain to make him remember.

"minecraft monday, skeppy. it was today. bad has been so salty and has been texting me nonstop to wake you up." vincent sounded irritated and annoyed.

but zak really did forget. the events that happened would explain it, and surely darryl would be mad at him all day.

"i forgot, sorry. i didn't really mean to oversleep after i messed u-" zak cut himself off. he didn't want to have another breakdown.

"after you what, skeppy?" vincent asked harshly, but didn't get an answer in return. "look, skeppy. i'm done having to make up an excuse and cover for you when you are feeling moody. don't expect me to be there for you anymore."

"i didn't mean- i-" zak choked out as he was on the verge of tears. since when did vincent hate him?

"i'm sorry, but it has to be done. talk to darryl when you stop whining." vincent said before disconnecting.

sobs broke out of zak's mouth, blocking out the sounds and silence of the room. he felt like a burden to everyone around him, like he shouldn't even exist. maybe even jump off a bridge.

maybe. he thought.

he could only cry now, as he finally checked darryl's messages.

〈 darryl 😳💕

Fri, Jul 19, 3:05 AM

you'll still play mc monday right?

yes ofc and we will win!!
but i hav to sleep goodnite

Today 4:57 AM

im sorry
Read 10:56 AM

whatever skeppy

you promise to play
for mc monday right????

you know i just got mad because
you can't stop trolling

and it is really annoying!!

5:23 PM


stupid muffin just


he's lying. he thought. why would he still want to play with him when he blocked him?

his heart felt squished. zak was hurt, he had already ruined two friendships. he was all vulnerable and broken, and now he felt that the people who had been by his side had only stayed because of his popularity and now they took their own path with the audience from his channel.

who could really know? when he had already lost two of his "friends". he curled up in his bed once again, and let his anxiety and depression take control. old friends will have to do it.


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