Upset moments

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Leondre- "Hey babe" he said whilst kissing your forehead. You stayed silent. "Oh come on Y/n, i said i was sorry! Plus, its not like i purposely forgot our anniversary" he said. You stood up. "Leo, im not upset at the fact you forgot it, its the fact that you haven't even tried to make me feel better. It would have been nice if you brought me roses or took me out to dinner but all i get is a 'hey babe'" you said, tears pouring out of your eyes. You didn't care if Leondre thought you were being a baby at the minute because you had been waiting for this day for weeks and he goes and forgets. "Y/n..." You cut him off and ran to your shared bedroom, locking the door behind you. After what seemed like forever, you heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Then there was a knock on the door. "Y/n..babe i know i cant make it up to you but please come out, i want to know your safe and im so sorry for forgetting" he said. You stood up and walked towards the door. "Do you really mean that?" You asked. "Yes i do, more than anything" he told you. You opened the door and ran into his arms. "Im sorry for over reacting" you told him. "No, im sorry for forgetting" he said as he kissed your cheek. You smiled at how sweet he was.

Charlie- "Hello" Charlie, your bestfriend said whilst giving you a hug. "Hi.." You replied. "Ok, whats wrong Y/n" he said looking into your eyes. "Dean dumped me" you said whilst crying in his arms. "Shhh" he soothed whilst gently rocking you from side to side. "Y/n, he wasn't worth it, i feel as if this is my fault i mean i try and protect you because i love you and-" You cut him off. "You love me?" You asked whilst wiping your tears. "Yeah, i guess i do Y/n" he said whilst blushing. "Is it wrong that i love you too" you asked whilst smiling. "Of coarse not" he said smiling back. "Can i kiss you Charlie" you asked. He smiled and nodded. You leaned in and connected your lips with his, you felt fireworks. That was the best kiss you had ever had, all because it was with Charlie.

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