Chapter Thirteen

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With one quick step, she shoved Bakugou. He only stumbled a little and quickly picked her up.

She screamed, kicked and punched Bakugou, even though he wasn't fazed the tiniest bit.

After a few minutes, the girl got tired and Bakugou walked to  a nearby, empty classroom. The blonde sat her on a chair, him sitting across from her.

"What do you want from me?" She said, a snarl forming on her lips.

"Bitch, I see you've been getting close to Frog girl." He paused to lean back on the chair. "Its disgusting."

"You have been dating Izuku for a couple months, Bakugou!!" She screamed, standing up.


The brunette smirks, feeling powerful against the blonde.

".. You? You are speechless?" She walked to the door. "Wow, who knew a weak, little girl could do that?!" She ran from the classroom, hearing screams from the blonde.

Her foot steps were the only sound as she ran to her house. School had ended and she was mad as hell. Slow rain drops fell onto her skin, running through her hair.

She fiddle with her keys and desperately unlocked the door. Her heart screamed with pain from running and from losing Tsuyu.

She opened the door and clambered up the stairs. She faced an upset mother but she simply screamed and ran to her room. She opened her bag and threw clothes, a water bottle and some snacks.

She brushed past her mother, an angry tone as she said:


Sorry this is short! But, I dont know where this story is going. This sorta gives me "WTF", by HUGEL, vibes. Sassy and stuff

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