Chapter Ten: Second Vision

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For the second time I felt relief and then shame flood my body.


Of all people it was Caleb who found us like this. Found me like this, about to be beaten in such a way I'd never dare show my face here again. When I'd been yet again the victim, unable to fight for myself.

Of course I was glad I wouldn't get hurt, already Marley's gang was letting go off me. Backing away slowly. Caleb was talking to Marley and it didn't sound very friendly.

I couldn't focus on what they we're saying, it seemed like with my ability to see my ability to hear had diminished as well. Or was that just the adrenalin leaving my system?

Then there was a warm hand on my shoulder and it startled me, near blind as I was I had no idea who was touching me.

'This way Winter, seems like I get to take you home again,' Caleb's voice sounded surprisingly gentle. The hand shifted to the small of my back and started to push me forward. Guiding me slowly across the uneven ground towards the parking lot.

'Caleb? My glasses?' I found myself asking. I sounded hopeless, timid and I hated it. It felt like I had no right to be shaken by what happened just now. It had happened dozens of times the past weeks, years even, I should be used to it by now.

'I'm sorry... They're beyond saving,' came Caleb's reply, and he really did sound sorry even though it wasn't his fault.

We came to a stop and then I heard the sound of a car being unlocked. It was embarrassing the way Caleb had to guide me to the passenger's seat and help me sit. I hated being so helpless but that was exactly what being without my glasses made me.

How was I going to explain that to my parents? How were we going to replace them? I'd just have to wear the spare ones that were even more ugly and embarrassing. I swallowed, my mom would hate that, she'd work overtime to get me new ones.

I couldn't let her do that. I'd have to somehow convince her that I didn't mind the old ones.

I was startled by the soft purr of the engine, it told me I was in that sleek black car again. Being around Jared a lot and hanging out in the garage had made me sensitive to such things I guessed.


'There's no need to take me home, my brother will be picking me up soon...' I trailed off. I could just hear him shake his head like he knew Jared wouldn't be here for another few hours.

Something landed in my lap.

'Call him to tell him I'm taking you home.'

Oh it was a phone, I fumbled around with it till I managed to dial the number of the garage. I hadn't called it often but I knew it by heart.

Andrew answered on the third ring so I hurriedly told him Jared didn't need to pick me up because I'd gotten a lift with a classmate. It was quiet a moment on the other side of the line before Drew said: 'Is it a boy?' his voice serious.

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