Chapter 44: It's A Warning

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So far, everything had gone quite perfectly wrong. And Colt knew it was all thanks to him.

He wished he had done something more, wished he could have done something more, to prevent his team from getting arrested.

But here they all were, viewing a bland concrete wall from behind locked bars.

They hadn't been taken to the proper city prison, yet; only locked up in the Police Station's holding cells for the time being, but that didn't exactly improve anyone's outlook of the situation.

Colt hadn't exactly been with it when they'd brought him in, only vaguely able to focus through his lingering headache as they passed him a set of spare clothes; a pair of black trousers and a white, button-up police shirt, badge included. He half suspected that they came straight from the station's lost and found pile, and he found himself feeling uncomfortable to be wearing a stranger's clothes. But, he reasoned with himself, it was a Hell of a lot better than just a blanket...

At first, he'd felt humiliated after having just changed back in front of everyone, the way he did. Even Quentin had rarely seen him transform, and he had intended to keep it that way. He didn't want people seeing him like that, in such a state of weakness; least of all his team. He had expected them, somehow, to think less of him. But since he'd regained most of his senses, he couldn't recall a single one of them bringing it up, and he couldn't find words to describe how much he appreciated their silence, so he remained silent, in turn.

The ache still lingered in his muscles, and he felt both physically and mentally drained. It was doing him in just trying to stay awake, and he didn't quite think he could force himself to stand, just yet. Not that these most recent accommodations gave any of them much room to move around.

At least the police had been kind enough to bandage up the cuts and scrapes on several of his teammate's bodies, like the gash on Aderyn's lower leg, and that on Jackson's shoulder. But that was about as far as their hospitality had extended.

There were five cells in total, conjoined in a row that ran up and down a lean corridor, and the ten of them had been spread throughout four.

Jasper, Darcy and Jackson were together in the one on the far right of the room, all looking quite miserable with their situation. Especially Darcy, who's mouth was turned down in a permanent frown, glancing up every now and then at the stationed officer, who was pacing up and down the corridor, as if willing him to leave, so that he could bust himself out of the cell, unnoticed.

Colt couldn't very well blame him. He hated the idea of being trapped behind these bars as much as the next guy. But leaving at the moment would prove to be both difficult and illegal, two situations which would have a longer list of cons than they could presently afford.

On their left, all of the girls, with exception of Quentin, had been grouped into a cell of their own. Elizabeth and Toni were seated next to each other on the hard, plastic bench that stood to one side of the back wall, likely nailed to the ground. Aderyn and Kiley, however, remained standing, both looking far too agitated to sit still.

Colt had been placed on his own in the cell next to that. He wasn't sure if their motive for isolating him was because of his particular mutation, or because he was the team leader, but either way it was obvious that they trusted him the least out of the lot. They, too, had seen him transform back, after all, and he doubted that gave them a great first impression.

He seated himself on the ground, back resting against the wall, his location offering him a perfect view through the door stationed in the wall opposite his cell, where a glass panel revealed the office-like room beyond. He had spent the past couple of minutes reading the conversations between the various officers as their lips wrote them.

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