Liar [Kid x Reader]

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Trying out something new. Hope you guys like it.


The sun shone bright in the sky, and the sea was as calm as it could be that morning.

Kid hated it. He wanted the world to be as miserable as he felt.

He tightened his grip on the railing and lowered his head, closing his eyes. Strands of red hair fell on his forehead. He knew he had done the right thing for once, he was fucking sure of it... but it had to be that. Of course it had to be that.


A hand came to rest on his shoulder, and he jolted, batting it away like it had burned him.

"Don't touch me," he growled.

He glared at Killer, accompanying his expression with a unique menacing finger.

His subordinate raised his palms in surrender and stepped back, giving him the space he knew he needed. Right then the ship felt more like a prison than anything else to his captain, and the blond was aware he had to proceed with caution, to treat him like a caged wild animal.

"We should set sail now that the coast is clear," Killer almost whispered.

The redhead inhaled deeply through his nose and pressed his lips in a thin line, all the while considering if it was worth it destroying his knuckles against the striped mask. However, finally deciding against it, he opened his almost complete fist and brought his raised palm closer to his face, tilting his head and shutting his eyelids.

"Do whatever you want, I don't give a crap. Just leave me the fuck alone."

His final word was followed by him storming off in the deck's door direction, and he only turned around to look at everyone there when his digits curled around the knob.

"The next one that even breathes in my direction is getting murdered," he shouted, enough venom filling his voice and gaze to get a few of them to lower their heads.

That was the last thing he said to anyone.

He then proceeded to destroy every material object he could get a hold of in his room. That seemed to be the only way he had come up with to deal with his emotions.

He was angry. Of course he was. Anger had become almost a part of him by then.

But there was also that stinging feeling under his ribs, behind his eyes... That sensation that only vaguely subsided when he later on pressed his pillow against his chest and screamed into it.

Most people would have recognized the symptoms of a broken heart, but Kid had never been part of that group. He had never had to deal with love, more precisely with the lack of it afterwards; he had never even experienced anything remotely close to someone caring for him just for the sake of it before you.

And now you were gone. Because he had let you go.

His fist met the metal wall repeatedly, hard enough to dent the material. He wanted to feel the pain, sought it, because it was the only thing strong enough to numb his senses, to quiet the thoughts in his head.

After a while, he collapsed to his knees, sitting down on his heels and staring blankly at his swollen and bloody hand like it wasn't attached to his own body. His fingers twitched involuntarily.

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