i love you

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"What?" I asked Billie
"Nothing I just get lost in my mind" she said resting her head on my chest

"What's going on in your head right now?" I asked
"A war" she said
"I'm just tired" she continued

"I miss the smell of you" she said

"I miss your voice" she said

"I miss you" I said looking at he soft lips

"I don't know how much longer I can take this" I said
"Me either" she said softly

We laid on her bed with her red lights listening to x

"Happy birthday" she said
"Its not a happy birthday Billie" I said brushing her hair behind her ear with my fingers

"I don't wanna wake up yet" I said to her
"You don't have to" she said

"Aye nigga happy birthday!" Prince said jumping on me

"Fuck man" i said gasping for air
"Get up bitch its 3" he said
"Its not even my birthday today" I said sitting up

"No but you're gonna see your mom and sister tomorrow right"
"Yeah" I said rubbing my face

"So we finna celebrate early juuu diigg" he said jumping on my bed

"My album hit number one baby" Billie said jumping in my bed
"I know!!!" I said grabbing her legs making her fall on me

"Hello... Que you good mayne" prince says
"Hmmm? Yea yea I'm good I guess"

"Ight so get your ugly ass up and get ready!" He said
"Nigga how the fuck did you get in my house?" I asked

"You always leave the back door open" he said
"Oh shit" I said

"Yea one day a mother fuckin killa finna come in and kill you. And hey maybe even a cannibal he'd fucking eat yo ass up" prince said

"You'd probably like that tho cause you know your Karl" he said
"Nigga you Karl!" I said

"Nah you can't cap I'm right" he said
"That was so shit Ezra, cause I know damn well you like it in the ass" I said

"Whaa?" He said
"Yea one bitch told me you wanted her to peg you" I laughed

"Woah woah nah nah leave my asshole alone she could lick it or sum shit but HELL NO! AINT NOBODY GOING INSIDE MY ASS" prince said

We both laughed

"Okay come on get up we goin out"
"Honestly ion even wanna do nun today" I said laying back down
"Imma just sleep" I said closing my eyes

"Nigga get the fuck up!" Prince whips a T-shirt at me
"Fuck relax" I said sitting up

We left my house and meet up with everyone and we were being stupid

"Aye lemme race you" I said to this guy in a mini van

"Mayne I'm dying" prince laughed
"Nigga what the fuck" Nigel laughed
Gawa giggled

I waddled on a this little bike over to the van

"Yea you gotta push to start" gawa said

I laughed as I pulled up to the guy in the car
I pretended to rev my bike engine
Gawa stood in front of us like one of those race car girls

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