📝 Part 5 📝

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."― Martin Luther King Jr.

Part 5 : Shadows Of The Past


Maan's POV

Obscure shadows of the past were making me discontented as everything is saturated with her thoughts.

However, I seek to hurl accusations, mockeries at Geet but can not deviate from that doomed truth that I love her! And probably quite a lot!!

She belongs to a simplistic family. Her parents stay at Lonavala whereas she stays at Mumbai in a private apartment. I know everything about her.

Every tiniest detail of her life which she herself informed or even the unsaid!!

Her first crush, her schooling, friend circle!! Everything!!

It's authentic that due to my short-tempered nature I was fuming when I heard her talking with Ranveer like that but after getting back to my cabin, being cooled down a bit I thought of a few possibilities which might have happened!!

My possessive love was dominating my logical sensors a lot yet I was fighting tremendously because when you love someone you try to re-rationalize even if you have the proof right before your eyes against them!!

Has that Ranveer somehow blackmailed Geet which is why she is doing this?? Because that guy has been after her since forever!! She herself told that to me!!

Or is it someone else they were talking about?? She has one elder brother only!! So it's definitely not her sister!!

Other than this I couldn't come to any logical conclusion!!

But why is that stupid girl not telling me about any of these??

The way she reciprocates, looks into my eyes, can those be deceitful??

With all these confusing philosophies I entered in the past remembering how things happened, the first time I yelled at her!! Her silly little mistakes...Her care..Her cutest antics...

My awful proposal...Her silence over that..

Our intimate moments and what not!!

With her being on my side I can't believe how fast time elapsed!! It's been almost 2 years but appears like just yesterday when I scolded her for the first time!!

All the flashbacks were playing inside my mind one by one...Her alluring face and that innocence is still the same!!

Flashback 1<<

"What's wrong with you girl...Eyes are for looking forward...so when you walk, look at the front...Are you 5 or something?? Human beings have their eyes on the front of their head, not because ke piche dekh ke aage chalo..." As usual, I was on my high horses and rambled at that cute timid creature who banged into me, accidentally!!

"I am sorry Sir...I was..." She strumbled and gathered herself back as well, "But Sirr!! If what you say would have been correct then our head should he fixed and not flexible.." Her reply made me gawk at her for total five seconds in astonishment!!

"Now you want to discuss the human anatomy of why and how our heads move and tilt miss??" I ran my mouth in the defense after my astonished gawking session was over!!

She is wearing an orange attire and for some alien reason is looking cute even though I dislike that color!! To the core!!

"Geet...Geet Handa...new photojournalist...Are you naturally this hot-tempered or have taken some training to be angry??" Informing me about herself she flashed all her pearly white teeth, asking that atrocious question at the end!!

But a few more insults welcomed her!!

Scoffing in a sarcastic way, "You are not even blonde yet how are you asking such dumb questions??" I smirked!

Fired some more at her, "Not a word more... Listen to be sharply)...Next time...

No excuses...I hate them...You are new so I am sparing you.. this time..

Now arrange all these papers and after you are done rearranging them I want them in my cabin..Exactly within 5 mins...

Not a single minute shall be here or there...Hurry Up..." As I saw she was again ready to move her fearless lips hence pointing my index finger at the floor, I didn't waste a second and ran away from there before she starts another anatomy session, maybe on my finger this time!!

Another similar incident..Some 5th or 6th time when I blasted on her!!

"Seriously Geet?? That is your name right?? Who appointed you in this job??" I was walking to and fro inside my cabin while Geet was standing there with an innocent face listening to all my rumbling!!

"You hired me, Sir..." I glared at her as I obviously didn't ask her in that literal meaning, how denser could she get??

"My bad...Then I should fire you as well...

Now First thing, it's incomprehensible to me that, how so many disasters could occur altogether??

You went to that award event to click photos or to become the next mother Teresa??

You had given raw photos to some reporter of that other channel...Wow!!

Fine...Then... When you asked for some photos of the survivor from that reporter in the new kidnapping case, did he give you??

Nope...And you came with some blurry shit...

Okay now let's leave that too...Not even 2 days have passed but this time...Due to emergency...Note please for emergency sake only...You were given one simplest work of checking grammar, spelling...Which is called proofreading you know??

And youuu... What the heck is this bull crap??" It was pretty hard for me to talk all that at once as Geet kept gawping at my finger which I was subconsciously dancing while venting my accumulated fury!!

"Sir...You were not here for three days..."I heard her murmur, "I had to work in double shifts...I am not giving you an excuse...But if my sleep is incomplete then I...I start becoming sloppy...4 appears 7...6 becomes 9 to me...What do I do..." She cried in her protest, her stole must be praying for life as she was twisting that fringe in a loop while talking further, "That's why that article titled 6 reasons to keep yourself healthy and happy...

I wrote...69 instead ...

I think I was half asleep at that time..Also didn't eat anything that day...Yeah right...

But so then why are you thundering on such a small mistake??" And there, I got confused either to hear her or to look at her fidgeting antics!!

"How much can you blabber...Uff..

But after 69 you had mixed that title with the next article - 9 Best benefits of love beyond power position and money...

And thanks to you we had a lot of buzz due to that mix up...Now

Read aloud what is published in the newspaper.." Geet trembled with my sharp bellow and next I heard the timid voice coming out of hers as she recited!

"69 - Best love position to keep yourself happy beyond money..."


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