autograph signing

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summary: y/n is at an autograph signing with Duff and the rest of the band when a fan flirts with Duff and Y/n gets jealous as any girlfriend would. 

warnings: cursing, implied smut (sort of? )

Duff and the guys were signing autographs while I sat behind Duff watching him meet the fans like I always do at signings. I enjoyed watching them do signings it was cool seeing their fans get so excited to see them. "I'm gonna go get something from the vending machine." I told Duff leaning by his ear so he could hear me over the loud chatter. "Do you want anything?"  " can you get me some m&m's?" he asked. I nodded and he gave me a quick peck on the lips before I left. I went to the hall where the vending machine was and got our stuff and came back to find some  black haired bimbo feeling Duff up . I walked over and put my stuff on my chair and put Duff's m&m's on the table in front  of him and kissed his neck then walked over by Axl and Slash " how long has that chick been groping Duff?" I asked them they looked over at the girl and then back at me "she come over after you left ." Axl  said then glared at the chick. "did he do anything about it?" I asked "I heard him say he had a girlfriend but she didn't stop so he just ignored her." Slash told me. I went back to me seat behind my boyfriend but scooted closer to him so I could wrap my arms around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder. This seemed to start to bother the girl so she stopped rubbing his arm but it didn't stop her from flirting still. instead she had the nerve to start saying  shit like " I bet I can make you feel better that she does." and " she's not even that hot, what do you see in her because I'm sure she's not good in bed either." I was really starting to get pissed of and I could tell Duff was too. "you know what how about you leave now because your slutty groupie ass isn't wanted anywhere, especially here with my boyfriend!" I hissed at her and I glanced at Duff smirking. she scoffed at me and left. Duff turned back to me and kissed me and sat me on him lap while he finished signing autographs and every once in a while he would kiss behind my ear and whisper how much he loved me and how he was proud that I stood up for myself. Once the signing was finished we went back to our hotel room and cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms.

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