The Fault In Our Stars Sequel

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Sequel to the Fault in Our Stars

This was originally an assignment for school, but I thought I should share it(: Enjoy!


Living without Augustus Waters was like living with a missing half. Since his death, my cancer has gotten worse. I have not been to school in months.

Mom has been smothering me, constantly checking that I am okay, emotionally and physically.

"Do you ever stop and think, 'Maybe she just wants to be left alone?'" I screamed. As soon as the words danced off my lips, I knew I had gone too far. Mom just looked at me, her puppy-like eyes glistening with the tears about to rush down her swollen cheeks. "I'm so sorry, mom," I whispered. She still stood, looking me over.

"Fine." She finally choked out, before swiftly leaving my room. With the stress of constantly growing sicker, and the heartache of losing Augustus, I have not been myself. I snap back at mom and dad all the time, and they take it. They just sit there and take it. But this time, I've gone too far. I'm pushing the only two people I have left away. I slowly made the tread to the new oxygen canister in the corner and connected my tubes to it. I took a few deep breaths of fresh oxygen, and walked into the living room. Dad was reading the newspaper, as always. Mom was watching an old episode of America's Next Top Model, her cheeks stained with fresh tears. Dad looked up, but mom coldly ignored me. "What's wrong?" Dad mumbled.

I sat down next to him. "I needed to stretch, and I wanted to talk to mom." That was his queue to leave.

"I'm going to go get some coffee." He said, in a bored tone, probably wishing he could be here for the conversation.

"Mom?" No answer. I decided to continue to talk. I knew she wouldn't answer. I really hurt her. "I wanted to say sorry. For all of this." She was now looking at me blankly. "Since, you know, Augustus, I haven't really been myself. And I'm sorry for being mean. You and dad are the only people I really have, and I don't want to lose you and your love."

Mom suddenly hugged me. "We all still miss Gus. He was a part of the family, and you really loved him. I just don't want to lose you. Not now. Not yet. I know you aren't getting any better, but I like to think maybe, just maybe, you might." I could feel the warm tears falling onto the back of my shirt, but I did not mind. I hugged her tight, until it was hard to breathe. I released and winced, and she knew that I was in pain. "I love you, Hazel." She blurted out. "Do you want something to eat?"

We walked into the kitchen. I made my way to the table. It was about dinner time, and I was actually hungry. After taking what seemed like countless pills, mom set the table, laid out the food, and, after dad joined us again, we ate in silence. Dad gave me a look. I just smiled. He knew everything went well.

Early the next morning, I awoke in a fit pain. I tried screaming, but my lungs felt as if they had collapsed. I pounded on the wall as loud as I could. My mom came running into my room with nothing but a robe on. I couldn't talk, so I pointed at my chest and wheezed. Dad had already started the car. Mom practically carried me outside. I suddenly lost consciousness.

I woke up in a room filled to the rim with monitors and cords, all leading to me. A machine force fed my lungs oxygen. Everything ached.

"Will she be okay?" My mom was pacing and asking Doctor Maria countless questions.

"From what I can tell, no. She has gotten much, much worse. If she didn't wake up when she did, she wouldn't have woken up at all." She patted me on the leg. "Good call."

Thank you brain, I thought.

From there, things got worse. My health was plummeting to the lowest it has ever been. One day, I felt like the world was slowing to a stop. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I couldn't see straight. Sometimes, loud siren-like beeps would go off from every other monitor. The nurses would rush in, press some buttons, and give me higher doses of medicines that just did not want to work.

My last day was hectic. I got to see mom and dad. They kissed me, tears streaming down their faces. They told me how strong I was and that I tried my hardest, and that I was the bravest girl they knew. All Doctor Maria was able to say was, "Good run, kiddo." Then, I saw a light. Suddenly, Augustus was standing beside me. I was gone.

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