"I hope so."

"Alright!" I exclaimed, gathering their attention. "Let's blow this audition away!"


Stage fright hit me like a bitch.

I felt like I was thrown back in my third grade play of Yankee Doodle when I accidentally tripped over a prop and everything else collapsed. No one got hurt but, I was surely hated by everyone in my class for a week for being a laughing stock until I apologized with homemade cupcakes.

I was hoping by drinking so much it'll help my loosen up. Yet, it really wasn't helping as much right now.

We were up next and I was watching the previous girl doing her own thing and there was a spark of determination to make her envious when we go up. Audrey had made us practice before we left Kamila's house and I think our routine will do great.

As long as I don't mess it up for all of us. Thankfully, there were no props except for the metal poles on the stage.

"Next!" The guy called out. Audrey and Kamila gave me an encouraging smile. 

We can do this.

We walked out on the stage and I made sure that I swayed my hips a little. The judge which I'm assuming had to be Lorenzo. Brown hair and dark eyes, he was intimidating. Beside him was Axel and he raised an eyebrow at me. I gave him a small wave and with that, he recognized it was me immediately.

The other eyes from men and some women circled around the stage made me feel excited. I was going to let my seductive and sultry side come out. I had to ace this audition. This is the only way I could talk to Lorenzo and to find out information about where Adam was.

"Wow, a trio," Lorenzo grinned, looking us all up and down. "What's your names?"

"Sweet." Kamila gave him a cheery smile.

"Sugar." I blew a kiss.

Audrey winked. "And Spice." 

Lorenzo leaned forward in his chair. "Well, you girls sure are everything nice. I wouldn't mind having you three at this strip club."

"Let's see if you can pass the audition." Axel challenged, glancing at me before waving for the DJ to start to music.

As the music began, I took one last look at the audience and made eye contact with Jaxon. My heart drummed in my chest as saw a flock of girls hovering around him. He didn't pay any mind to them, except me.

Then do this dance for him.

Getting adjusted to this music before finally taking apart in the routine that we all rehearsed. Audrey taught us enough for us to know how to exactly handle being on the pole. I wasn't sure how she knew all of this and when I asked, she said she danced for Tyler a few times.

That girl never seizes to surprise me.

I found myself getting ahead of myself and breaking out of the routine a little. There were so many eyes but, the only one I really cared for was Jaxon's. No matter what move I did or if Audrey or Kamila took the lead of the routine, Jaxon didn't break his gaze. Audrey flashed me a smirk and I knew she was going to say something about it later.

Finally, our dance game to a close and we got our cheers as well as cash being thrown our way. Axel gave me a curt nod and I guess it was a sign for something? I wasn't sure. I scooped the audience one last time but, Jaxon wasn't there.

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