Prologue: Beginning to end

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Gabrielle slipped in and out of consciousness. She desperately tried to scream for help and writhe free but was only successful in causing herself more pain. Tears streamed down her face as it started to dawn on her that she was never leaving this room. She was never going to see her mother or her father again. Never going to hug Mr Timothy or Mr Rogers again. Her lips curled into a small momenterial smile at the thought of Mr Timothy but quickly dissipated as pain coursed through her body. Her throat and mouth were dry and her whole body was numb.
She felt nauseated and drained. Gabrielle felt herself drifting out of consciousness again but was yanked to full awareness as the door of the room creaked open. She once again writhed and tried to scream. She tried even harder when she saw the man that had entered the room. He was tall and thin. His hair was black and in a shaggy mess. He was beady eyed with a thin, small nose and thin mouth. He looked nervous and almost as if he was afraid of something, he seemed almost out of place in such a situation. He was dressed all in black and wore black gloves. The man avoided looking her in the eyes, almost as if he was scared of her. He stood wringing his hands and nervously looking around the room, his eyes darting from side to side, stealing quick glances at her. The man looked at his watch nervously.
He was waiting for something. His lips moved as he quietly counted down the seconds.
He reached zero and looked up at Gabrielle in the eyes for the first time.
Her head was pounding and felt like it was going to explode but she was sure she heard him whisper, 'I'm sorry'. He then turned and picked up a knife from the table on the left of her.
He closed his eyes and lifted the knife up slowly. His face then changed.
He smiled wickedly and opened his eyes. Gone was the nervous, timid young man. Her eyes widened in fear as he advanced towards her. There was a hunger in his eyes, a dark sick hunger. His eyes seemed to pierce her very soul. Fear built up in her, flowing through her body and taking over her mind. He stood in front of her just staring, enjoying the effect he was having on her. He then opened his mouth and spoke. His voice cold and menacing, dripping with malice. 'Happy birthday Gabrielle.'

A cold shiver ran down her spine at the mention of her own name. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest and her breathes came out as short harsh gasps. She closed her eyes and tried to turn her head away, as he came closer. He spoke into her ear softly, 'you never invited me to your birthday celebration Gabrielle. That hurt my feelings.' He stepped back, laughed and continued, 'granted you have no idea who I am, this is the first time we have officially met.
I don't get out often and Abel is very shy, but he does like you. He watches you as you walk home from school, always smiling and joyful. The sun dancing in your hair and everybody looking at you and smiling. No one smiles at me and I'm okay with that but Abel is sensitive. It makes him very sad when people walk past him and ignore him. No smiles for Abel, only smiles for you.'

Gabrielle gasped for breath and then screamed out loud as he ripped the gag off of her.
He laughed as she screamed and joined in with mocked screams of his own. He grabbed her by her shoulders and screamed in her face. Gabrielle closed her eyes and whimpered as she tried to turn her head away. He was close, so close to her that she could smell his sweat.
He ran his fingers through her hair and took in her scent. He slowly traced his knife up her stomach tracing a thin line of blood. He gripped her by the hair tightly and whispered into her ear, 'I am Cain. I am your nightmare.'
He then bit her ear and stabbed her in her left thigh. Gabrielle screamed in pain as Cain spat out the bit of her ear he had bitten off. He laughed hysterically and licked her blood off the blade. Tears rolled down Gabrielle's cheeks as the blood flowed down her leg.
Cain grabbed her tightly around her neck and punched her hard in the stomach.
He then stepped back and swung his knife cutting her across her left shoulder.
Gabrielle screamed out in agony. Cain swung his fist and punched her in the face, breaking her nose. With each swing he laughed out loudly like a crazed maniac. Her pain driving him mad with ecstacy. Each scream sending jolts of bliss rippling throughout his body. He stabbed her just below her right ribcage and shouted in her ear, 'Scream louder!'
He twisted the knife in deeper and she obeyed, her screams of pain echoing within the room. Cain stepped back and watched her writhe in pain. He licked his lips as he felt the ecstacy build up inside of him. He threw his blade at her and it cut the side of her ear as it landed next to her head. Cain advanced towards Gabrielle hungry to inflict more pain and listen to her arousing screams of agony but stopped suddenly as an alarm went off.
His wicked smile was replaced with a disappointed frown. Cain retrieved the blade he had thrown and put it on the table with the rest of his bloody collection. He looked at Gabrielle sadly and said,'I'm sorry but I have to go now. You will spend the rest of your sweet sixteenth celebrating with the rats and cockroaches. It is fitting for you are no more a beautiful embodiment of joy. You are a broken, disgusting worthless mess. I will be here tomorrow to lead you further down the rabbit hole of misery and despair and you will know the darkness that has eluded your perfect life for so long'.
Cain turned the lights off and as he walked out he said, 'enjoy your nightmare Gabrielle'.

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