Prologue: Beginning to end

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'Maybe Our World Is Another Planets Hell.'

- Aldous Huxley


The putrid stench of death hung heavily in the room.
Cockroaches ran over the blood stained floor and crawled over left-over decaying flesh. This is what she smelt as she slowly came to. Her eyes flickered open to see hanging body-parts, chains and an assortment of knives, axes and saws hanging from the walls.
Her eyes widened in shock and she tried to scream. The bloodstained gag prevented any noise from coming out. She writhed around furiously but the chains binding her against the wall wouldn't budge. They just dug deeper into her flesh. Tears ran down her face as she looked around and saw all the horrors of the room she was imprisoned in. Gabrielle had had nightmares before. She had imagined evil things and thought about what hell could look like. Nothing she imagined was anywhere close to this. This room was more terrifying and vile then anything she could ever imagined.
On the far side of the room was a table, the wood stained dark with old dried blood. On the table was an assortment of malicious weapons and tools. From small switchblades to large hunting knifes to hammers and meat cleavers. Gabrielle shuddered. Knifes cut, hammers broke.
The weapons were terrifying and inspired fear but what made it a million times worse was all the blood. Whichever sick and twisted monster that owned this disgusting despicable dungeon, he never cleaned his weapons after use. This dank disgusting basement was never cleaned and the putrid vile stench of dried blood, decaying flesh and hopelessness hung in the air like a suffocating blanket of despair.

Earlier that day Gabrielle Silva woke up to a smell much more delectable than that of decaying flesh. She woke to the glorious, heavenly smell of bacon. She smiled happily and leaped out of bed full of joy and excitement. It was her sixteenth birthday.
She grabbed her large pink plush toy rabbit named Mr Rogers and hugged him tightly as she envisioned the great day ahead of her. Gabrielle put Mr Rogers down and quickly made up her bed. As she did she whistled a happy tune and did little twirls as she swayed and danced. She was full of life and happiness. After five minutes of trying on three different outfits she finally decided on her pink top with a picture of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. She loved rabbits and she loved pink. Gabrielle wore a white skirt and matching white shoes. She put on her pink Alice band, smiled and pouted in her mirror then walked full of excitement into the kitchen. As she walked into the kitchen her family started singing happy birthday loudly. She blushed and her face shone with joy.
Her father left the room to fetch her gift and her mother smiled lovingly and told her to close her eyes. Gabrielle was brimming with excitement and anticipation. Her mother prompted her to open her eyes and as she did her eyes opened wide and her face broke out into the biggest smile her family had ever seen. She let out an excited squeak and exclaimed 'oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!'
She ran towards her father and grabbed the fluffy white rabbit out of his hands.
Her parents laughed and smiled as the watched their daughter happily hugging her new pet. Gabrielle's mother asked her with a smile, 'We thought it was time you got a real rabbit. It's a lot of responsibility but we have faith in you, we know he's in good hands. What are you going to name him?'
Gabrielle looked into the small cute eyes of her new pet and answered happily, 'Mr Timothy.'

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