"That doesn't mean shit when you still think of it as justified," I replied, quickly lowering my voice when a few close teammates started turning their heads in our direction. "You're sorry? Tell him that yourself. Or better, tell the coach. Or someone. Anyone. It's not right for you to get away with shit like that."

Trevor shook his head. "You don't have anything. No one will believe you."

I raised a brow as I let out another humorless chuckle. "Trevor, sweetie, I won't tell on you. Actually, I'm perfectly content with watching how you ruin your own life all by yourself."

The boy next to me tensed up yet didn't say anything, so I took the opportunity to keep talking.

"You've ruined everything with Asher. He'll never forgive you, you know. And you're doing the same shit with Gene now. That constant fighting is because of what happened last week, isn't it? Because you made him carry out your little schemes, and let him take the blame?" I shook my head. "Trevor, man, you're digging your own grave. It's only a matter of time until you fall into it."

I raised my hand to play with my one earring as I waited for Trevor to react. A reply, something, anything to ease the anxiety that was slowly building up inside me. This had been a lot of accusations for someone who pretended not to care about this whole situation just a few days ago.

Trevor surprised me by simply standing up and walking away. I stared after him, too dumbfounded to move or say anything, and suddenly, he was gone.

Huh. Interesting reaction.

I glanced back at Asher. This time, when he noticed me looking, he held up the eye contact just a little longer before turning away.

I sighed and arched my back as Redmille announced the end of half time. Time to rock and roll, or better, be crushed to little pebbles to the tune of a Jason Derulo song.

We got back in position, and soon enough, the ball was once again kicked across the field. I tried to focus even though I was tired, not really seeing the point behind playing anymore. The other team had three goals already, and we hadn't even made the attempt to shoot one yet. See, pointless.

But when the ball rolled almost perfectly in my direction, I had no other choice but to participate.

Before I could get to it a girl from my team reached the ball. She didn't keep it for long though when Asher showed up next to her, easily taking it from her and already starting to dribble it across the field.

I ran after him, joined by players from both our and the opposite team. The further we got the riskier it became since there were more opponents near their goal. Asher was running directly into a dead end, it was obvious that there was no way to get to their goal from there.

"Hey, pass," I said, loud enough so he would hear me.

Even though he did, he made no attempt to pass the ball. I cursed under my breath as he sped up, running around an opponent but still heading straight towards the blockade.

"Asher, pass the fucking ball," I repeated, this time more fierce. All I got was a brief glance in my direction that left my blood boiling. Stupid pigheaded fool.

The goal got closer, and so did our opponents, and suddenly the ball was rolling in my direction. Asher stopped running which caused a few players from the opposite team that had been closely behind him to change their direction and stop, giving me a few seconds to get away.

So, I hauled ass and ran off towards their goal with the ball right in front of me. People were cheering me on, but their shouts didn't reach my ears. My mind became oddly quiet, so silent I could hear the blood rushing to my ears, and my breath became even.

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