Chapter 1

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The national Gallery in London is teaming with activity. There's a brand new exhibit that has just opened, detailing upcoming artists and their work. The art gallery is private, so not too many people are going to be able to see this exhibit.

William Spencer, Duke of Colton, is among the elite who is able to see it. He and his best friend, Edward Pennington, viscount Quinton, have been invited by the galleries owner to come and witness the opening of the exhibit. So far, everything they have seen has been to their satisfaction.

Edward. I say, William, this is absolutely a wonderful art gallery, don't you think?

William. I do, very much. Every single piece of art is beautiful. However, there is nothing that stands out to me for some reason.

Edward. Don't fret, something is going to step out and be in the spotlight for you.

William. Do you really believe that?

Edward chuckles. I do indeed. For one matter... I believe I saw a portrait a few minutes ago back in the corner that appeared very interesting.

William. Really?

Edward. Yes.

The two of them go back to the corner of the art gallery, where a few unique selections have been placed. They begin to inspect all of the paintings before them, trying to figure out which one it is.

Edward abruptly points to the second painting above them. There, that's the one.

William glances at the portrait of indication, and his heart nearly stops.

The portrait is beautiful. It is framed in dark red wood paneling. But the picture is even more glorious. The Young woman is stunning. Golden blonde hair that cascades down her shoulders in waves of small ringlets. A Cream and rose complexion. Strawberry pink lips. Dazzling blue eyes. She wears an off the shoulder gown of pale blue silk.

William pushes his Shoulder length dark brown hair out of his green eyes, completely dazzled  by the portrait before him. Edward... I have never seen anything more beautiful than this.

Edward. It is quite beautiful.

William looks at the bottom of the portrait, noting that the artists name is written in fine script in the corner. Do you know of anyone by the name of Arthur Smith?

Edward glances at the name. No, I don't. But this entire wall is his collection.

Aside from the portrait of the young lady, there is another of a group of men and women dancing at a ball, another of a countryside in springtime, and another of a Group of horses running across a mountain side.

William. All of these are lovely.

Edward. But the portrait of the young lady is your favorite.

William. No it isn't.

Edward. Don't be in denial about it, you fancy that portrait more than any of the others in this gallery.

William. All right, I do.

Edward. Is there a title for that portrait?

William glances back towards the bottom where Arthur Smith's name is located, and nods. Yes, there is.

Edward. Well? What is it?

William. Rosemary.

Edward. Rosemary? That's all?

William. That is the name of this portrait.

Edward. How strange. Do you believe that this portrait is of a young lady by the name of Rosemary?

William. Quite possibly, but I am not sure.

Edward. Well, let's not dillydally here any longer. There is still another portion of this exhibit.

With that, the two gentlemen make their way to the other part of the portrait exhibit.

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