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(y/n pov)

You sighed as you felt the blanket get pulled away from your body again. You sat up and checked your phone. 2:40. It was almost 3 in the morning and you couldn't sleep. Slowly getting out of bed, you made your way to the bathroom.

You blinked as you turned the light turn on. You stared in the mirror and put a hand over your stomach. And for the first time, you felt the bump. You almost screamed as turned to your side to see the little bump from your baby.

You used the bathroom and washed your face as you walked back into your room, only to see the blanket completely pulled over him as he curled into a tight ball. You sighed walking over to him. "Gray," You whispered, shaking his shoulder slightly, aster crawling into bed. "Wake up, baby," You whispered. He stirred in his sleep.

"No, no," He whispered, still half asleep. You sighed sitting up on your knees. You began to pry his arms away from the blanket when you caught glimpse of hair in his face. Confused, you pulled the blanket down.

You smiled as you saw your 3-year-old daughter wrapped in Grayson's arm as he held her tightly. You pushed some of her hair away from Grayson's face. He shivered as the ends of her hair tickled his face and he woke up slowly. You sat back as he opened his eyes.

You watched as he looked down at your daughter in his arms and smiled. "Hi," You said. He turned to look at you and he smiled. The light from the streetlamps outside shown through your curtains, illuminating the side of your face. He sighed as he looked back at you.

"Hey baby," He whispered. You sat down cross-legged and ran a hand through your hair. "When did she get into bed?" He asked. He pulled his arms away from her and sat up. He picked her up and set her down in the middle of the bed as she rolled back into his lap. You smiled and pushed hair away from her face.

"I have no idea," You whispered. You suddenly remembered and opened your mouth excitedly. "There's a bump!" You said. You sat up excitedly as his eyes widened.

"Shit, I want to see," He whispered. He carefully got out of bed, putting a pillow on the side of your daughter to keep her from rolling away. The both of you walked back into the bathroom.

He rubbed his eyes as you flicked the light back on. You smiled standing in front of the mirror. You turned to show him the small bump, lifting your shirt up. He smiled. "Do you think it's a boy?" You asked. He shrugged, wrapping his arms around you. "I kind of hope it's a boy," You whispered.

"I want it to be another girl," You looked up at him and he nodded. "I don't really care though, as long they're healthy, I'm happy." You smiled.

"Can you put her back in her bed?" You asked as the two of you walked back into your room. He nodded. "I don't want either of us to crush her." You whispered. He chuckled and picked your daughter back up. You kissed her on the forehead as Grayson carried her into her own room.

He came back moments later, to find you in bed, buried under the blankets. He smiled, getting under the covers with you. "Don't wake me up tomorrow," He muttered into your hair, as he wrapped his arms around you. "I want to sleep in." He said. You nodded, grasping his hand.

"I love you?" You said. He smiled and kissed your head.

"I love you."


You woke up, Grayson's grip tight around you. Feeling awake, you tried to sit up, but couldn't escape from his grasp. You try to pry his arms away from your body, but he tightens his hold in his sleep. You sigh as you stop trying for a moment.

You pushed hair away from your face as you try again, fighting with his strength to escape from his hold. After minutes of pushing his arms away, you finally rolled out of his grasp. You stood up and stretched, only to see Grayson shivering from the lack of your warmth.

A sad smile on your face, you carefully slid a pillow into his arms. You watched him tighten his arms around the pillow, a sleepy smile on his face as he brought the pillow close to him. You planted a kiss on his forehead as you pulled the covers on top of him, covering his bare arms.

You used the bathroom and walked back into the room, to see Grayson still sleeping as he clutched onto the pillow as if it were you. You smiled before throwing your hair into a bun and going downstairs to make you all breakfast.  

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