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A/n: This story was requested by TopOneTheBoss ! Now just to get it out of the way for the people who will likely get the wrong way

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A/n: This story was requested by TopOneTheBoss ! Now just to get it out of the way for the people who will likely get the wrong way. This is overprotective NOT romantic! I hope you enjoy the story!

(BTW Top one is Lucy and bottom pic is Jade!)

???: Oi! Wake up sleepyhead!

(Y/n): Wha- AAAAHHH!

I jumped up and shivered as I found myself drenched in the water while my ma Jade stood over me while holding a bucket over my head. She flashed me a mischievous smirk and pecked my forehead before dropping the bucket in my lap.


Jade: I told you three times to wake up!

(Y/n): So you dumped water on me to wake me up?!

Jade: Damn right! It wouldn't have happened if you had woken up when I told you the first time!

???: She's got you there kiddo!

Seeing my other mom Lucy walk by with a large plate of French toast, causing me to jump out of bed and rush to the kitchen despite my wet pajamas

Jade: Oh so that you'll wake up for huh?

(Y/n): Damn right!

I shivered from the ice water and sat down at the table, making sure to put a towel over the seat so I didn't ruin it. Jade walked in and gave Lucy a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down next to me.

(Y/n): Oh... Uh...

Jade: Were you looking at-

(Y/n): NO! I know what you're thinking and no I wasn't looking at... that!

Lucy: It's perfectly natural to watch it (Y/n)! Your ma did it occasionally and I definitely-

(Y/n): Stop! I was talking with my girlfriend!

I shoved a bunch of the French toast in my mouth in frustration and embarrassment. After a minute of grumbling to myself while eating, I finally noticed that my moms were completely silent and staring daggers at me.

(Y/n): What's up?

Jade: You never told us you had a girlfriend!

Lucy: How come?

I shivered from the tension in the room and in the corner of my eye, I swore I saw my mom Lucy head back to the kitchen and grab one of the steak knives. She walked up to me and flashed me an eerie grin while starting to cut the rest of my breakfast for me like I was a toddler.

Lucy: Well What are you waiting for? Tell us about her.

Jade: Yeah. Do tell kiddo.

For a brief moment, I contemplate whether or not this was a dream. Any minute now, I would wake up in my bed, a sharpie mustache on my raft and my hand in a bowl of water (My mike like to do things like that). I entertain the idea of me eating bad takeout and this whole situation being some kind of scary hallucination, but I knew this was real.

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