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That was the sound of (y/n)'s alarm clock blaring out, her arm lifting up and hitting the top to snooze. It was what she did every morning. Her eyes never opened and she just fell asleep again.

From across the hall Frisk's alarm clock blared too, but she didn't snooze it like her sister did, continuing to sleep in. Groaning and leaning over, Frisk hit the snooze button with her fist, but gasped as she felt herself slide off her bed and onto the floor.


Frisk groaned and rubbed her eyes, just laying limp on the floor lazily, her dark brown locks covering her face and the floor. She groaned again and slowly sat up, staring off at the wall.

She eventually stood up and slugged over to her dresser and opened the drawer, reaching in and taking out a pair of black running shorts, a oversized blue T-shirt, and a bra and panties. Nothing too special or fancy, just comfortable.

Stretching, she slid off her pajamas and slid on her clothes, rubbing her eyes afterwards. (Y/n) was snoring in her bed, not even up yet. She was sprawled out everywhere, her not even wearing any pants.

Frisk walked into her room and rolled her eyes, beginning to smugly smile as she tiptoed over to (y/n)'s bed. She counted in her head 3 to 1, jumping and pouncing on her sleeping sister.

(Y/n) gasped and yelped a bit, definitely not expecting this attack. "F-Frisk, what the fuuuuckkkk?!" She whined, squirming underneath Frisk.

Sitting up and sticking out her tongue, she lifted up her hands and started signing to
(y/n), Frisk being mute and sign language being her best way to communicate. "*You have to wake up! The buss will be here in 30 minutes!*" she signed.

(Y/n) groaned and stretched, kicking frisk off of her with her foot. "Ugh I don't care.. I can show up late... Though Ms. Higgins will throw me into hell if I do." She said with a chuckle, tossing her long brown hair over her shoulder and laying on her side, closing her eyes again.

Frisk huffed and stomped her foot, jumping onto her lazy sister's bed and standing, kicking (y/n) in the ass with her foot. "A-aah fuck!" She screamed, rolling off the bed. "Fine I'm up, I'm up!"

On her nightstand the alarm clock blared again and Frisk rushed over to turn it off, making sure it would stay off. (Y/n) dragged herself over to her dresser to pick out an outfit, basically wearing the same thing as frisk except her shirt was pink and had a design with the words Simply Southern on the back.

"Eyy, were Twinkies today, Frisky. How about that?" She winked, posing in front of the large mirror on the back of her bathroom door. "All we need is white socks with our white crocs."

Frisk signed an okay and left her sisters room, sighing as she pulled on white socks and out on white crocs like (y/n) wanted. They were definitely Twinkie sisters, which that was what they called themselves when they matched or when they both were eating Twinkies.

She trotted into her bathroom and stared into it, sighing as she picked up her hairbrush and brushed though her short brown locks. For some reason she felt empty, almost sad but just empty. Frisk honestly didn't know why, but couldn't shake the feeling off. She was just to bored with this life.

Brushing her teeth as well and finishing that up, she grabbed her bag and slung it around her shoulder, placing it down on the floor by a dining room chair. Adele-(y/n) and Frisk's mother-was in the kitchen making a quick French toast breakfast before they caught the bus for school.

(Y/n) came walking down the hall with her backpack, scrolling on her phone and taking some selfies. "Hey mom." She greeted simply, not looking up. Frisk rolled her eyes and played with the scrunchie around her wrist.

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