Part 10

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I walk over to the bench and grabbed my water bottle on the counter. My breath was uneven because of kicking the punching bag countless of times.

I open the water bottle cap and drink the refreshing water. The heat in my body slowly decreased.

"Ahhh~" I sigh happily.

I grab a nearby towel and wipe my sweat.

Should I leave? I think I'm done spending my time and clearing my mind?

After making up my mind, I walk over to the counter and grab the service phone.

I dialed a number and put it on my ear.


"Who the hell is it—"

"Hey~" I singed out in a happy tone only making the other, silent.

"No, no, no, no, no, n-"

"Hey, I got a true story to tell you-well, actually it happened not long ago like...7 hours ago but!! I got grounded and forcefully packed all my clothes and is now, homeless by the meantime! I need a place to stay for a few days or years so um, mind if I rent your other houses!!" I happily said with a sweating neck.

There was silence.

"Hello?" I cautiously called out.

"Did she turn off her phone? Or did she not hear me? Um, I repeat..." I took a deep breath.

"Hey, I got a tru—"

"Ok, I did it. I'll send you the address. Now, please fuck—"

"YAYYYY!!! Thanks, Sasha!!! I will forever be by your side no matter what!!!" I happily shouted.

"Um, no? I reject! Look, I got a lot of piles of paper to do and I don't plan on wasting time on you so bye!"



I stare blankly at the service phone before calling out with tearful eyes.

"Sasha!!!!" I cried out, in shock.

Sasha is my friend. I found her buried, last winter in the snow. From the ragged clothes, I could tell she was homeless so I gave her a free home. Of course not my home but a special place. Ewin's Box!!! Although she is cold and very annoyed easily, I know she got a warm and caring side. Although, I experienced it once. I  never saw it again!!! Uwu~~😭

And then months later, she got a job and later, was a CEO!!!!

She was so busy, she couldn't even visit the one who saved her from being almost buried alive in snow!!! Uwu!!!

I change my clothes and walk out of the girls locker room with my stuff.

I go on a taxi and tell him the address.

Soon, We appeared in front of a large house. I paid the taxi and grabbed my stuff and pinned the code and went inside the house.


We're going short for today~~

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