Downfall of a Droid

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The Cannons on the Jedi Cruisers were pointing at the Separatist Fleet.

Ahsoka: Resolute command to Gold Leader. We are standing by.

Clone: enemy closing to Zone 6.

Anakin: patience, Ahsoka.

Clone: Zone 4. Zone 3.

Droid: General, we have a clear shot at their cruisers.

Grievous: good, good.

Clone: they're right on top of us! Should we commence firing?

Ahsoka: wait.....wait.....

Grievous: concentrate fire on the closest Republic Cruiser.

Dark Guard: yes, General.

The Separatist Fleet started firing on the Cruiser Ahsoka was and also fired on the other cruisers as well.

Ahsoka: we're outgunned. We're not gonna last a Mynock minute out here!

Anakin: hang on, Ahsoka. We've got them right where we want them.

The Separatist Ships were also shooting at the Fighters.

Clone: watch your stabilizer, Gold 6!

The Separatist managed to destroy one Cruiser by shooting at the bridge.

Clone: it's no good. Incoming's too heavy.

One fighter got shot knocking it to another one getting them both destroyed.

Anakin: Gold Squadron, take evasive action!

Clone: sir, yes, sir! Breaking off!

All the fighters broke of formation while Anakin and Zane stayed on course.


Anakin: no, R2, we're not retreating. Good thing you gave us that extra power.

Zane: I'm with you, Master Skywalker.

Grievous: let's finish them off!

Anakin: Ahsoka, they're in position. Unveil our little surprise.

Ahsoka: right away, Master. Slash, Rex, old boy, it's time you two joined the party.

Rex: with pleasure, sir.

Slash: isn't it, ma'am since she's a girl?

The two of them were in an asteroid with several walkers on an asteroid that were behind the Separatist ships.

Droid: General, we've been outflanked.

The walkers started firing at the ships causing heavy damage and even destroying one.

Grievous: impossible!

Wade: tell the SkyTroopers to attack those walkers!

Dark Guard: yes, General.

The SkyTroopers in the asteroids started shooting at the Walkers with several heavy caliber blasters.

Slash: Droids!

Ahsoka: forward cannon, let them have it!

The cruisers started firing back even destroying a ship in the process.

Wade: we are going to lose this one.

Anakin: this is too easy!

Anakin and Zane managed to destroy two more ships by shooting them at the bridge.

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