Downfall of a Droid

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Narrator: after suffering a series of disastrous defeats at the hands of General Grievous, Wade Dooku and Dark Guard, the Republic's foothold in the Outer Rim is in jeopardy. Commissioned to protect the strategic world of Bothawui, Anakin Skywalker and his weary battle group are all that stands between the system and domination by the Droid Army.

Three Jedi Cruisers were holding their positions between the planet and the asteroid belt.

Kenobi;<hologram> among our most recent losses was the battle group at Falleen. The Separatist Fleet Commanded by General Grievous and Wade Dooku is headed your way.

Anakin: seems like those cowards always know where and when to attack us.

Kenobi;<hologram> you're heavily outnumbered, Anakin. I advise retreat.

Anakin: if we run, the Separatists will take control of this sector. I can't let them do that.

Kenobi:<hologram> and that is your problem.

Ahsoka: Master Kenobi is right. We should regroup. We don't stand a chance against...

Anakin: Ahsoka...

Ahsoka: Suicide is not the Jedi Way, Master.

Zane: Master Yoda always said that by surviving the war we could prevail.

Kenobi:<hologram> you should listen to our Padawans.

Anakin: as you listen to your old one, my old Master? No, we're going to stay and fight. And I think I know how to beat Grievous at his own game. <shows a hologram of a AT-TE Walker>

Meanwhile, the Separatist Fleet came out of Hyperspace. Wade was in his hover chair, Dark Guard was in the captain's chair and Grievous went into the bridge.

DG: our spies were right, General. The Jedi have positioned a fleet beyond the planetary rings.

Grievous: move our ships through the asteroid field to engage them.

DG: thought the field, sir?

Grievous: if we attack from above, they will have the advantage. So we will got through the rocks.

Wade: that's not wise, Grievous, the asteroids will damage our ships a lot.

As soon as he said that, two asteroids bounced off the front of the ship.

Droid: that didn't sound good.

Grievous: all power to the forward shields.

Droid: what if they attack us from behind?

Grievous: they can't. The asteroids will protect us.

Wade: in any case, have some SkyTrooper Droids go into the asteroids so there will be no surprise attack, when the ships are destroyed, call them back.

DG: yes, my Lord.

Republic Fighter Ships started going out of one of the Cruisers being led by Anakin and Zane.

Anakin: Gold Squadron, tighten formation. Slow approach. Let's draw them in.

Clone: yes, sir.

Zane: let's hope this works.


Anakin: don't worry, R2. Grievous is falling right into our trap.


Zane: yeah, what about Wade? He's smarter than Grievous. He will have something to prevent the surprise attack.

Anakin; don't worry, I'm sure our trap will work.

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