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"what the fuck-" i yell when i open my trunk to see the same curly headed girl from the store sitting inside of it

"what you yelling about-" edwin starts but stops when he sees the girl too "what the fuck ! how the hell a girl get in our trunk, if you a fan we gonna call the cops ya doing too much now !" edwin rants but she shakes her head

"a fan ? i don't even know who ya are but please don't call the cops" "i promise i don't mean ya any harm i was running away from someone and hopped in here to hide from them, i'll explain everything to ya if you let me but please just leave me here, i promise i'll leave ya alone after i just need to get away from this area" she begs and i can see the fear in her eyes

"nah homegirl we cant have girls chillin in our trunk !" edwin whines but i put my hand over his mouth

the girl obviously needs help and i wasn't going to leave her here, especially when shes clearly in danger.

"fine, but we want every single detail" i emphasize and she nods before i close the truck door

edwin groans while hopping in the passenger seat and i start the car.

"first off, let's start with the basics, whats your name and why were you hiding from someone ?" i ask

"i'm victoria, and i was running away from my boyfriend"

"for what ?" edwin asks

"he was abusing me and he threatened me last night" she mumbles

"girl WHAT, so you tryna tell me you got a crazy dude chasing you around ? you putting us in danger too !" edwin yells

"edwin, shut. the. fuck. up" "keep explaining victoria"

"our relationship is extremely complicated but basically he's been doing this for a while but has been getting worse recently so i made a plan today to run away, and stay at my friends house right, and i had a whole plan going and it was all gonna work out but i guess he decided to be a good boyfriend today and was at the same store i was buying something i asked him to get me expecting him to just get it when he got back from work and started chasing me when he saw me and i ended up here" she spits out real fast and i keep nodding through it even though she can't see me

"damm, you've had a long day haven't you" i say and she lets out a "mhm"

"why are ya even shopping this early ?" she asks

"we're kinda famous, we didn't wanna get flash mobbed tryna find a gift for somebody" edwin boasts

"for real ? how're ya famous ?"

"we're in a boy band, it's called prettymuch, you might've heard of us before"

"nope, doesn't ring a bell" she replies and edwin sucks his teeth

"anyways" he scoffs and her phone starts ringing and when the person starts talking i can tell she has her phone volume real high

"bitch where are you !" someone screams at her over the phone

"in some dudes truck, cyrus caught me leaving so i panicked and hid in here, i'll uber to your crib when i get out i just didn't want him to find me"

"stay wherever you are vic, he's parked outside of my house right now"

a/n- and i oop-

this vicki in the boys truck 🤠

this vicki in the boys truck 🤠

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