First Encounters

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Chapter 4

Emilia's Perspective

"Emiliaaaaa, Emiliaaa, it's time to get up, we have class in an hour"

"You don't want to be late on the first day do you sweetie?"

"Ok Emilia it's getting weird talking like this now can you just get your ass up and dressed we have no idea where the classroom is which is why you need to get ready pronto!"

I groan into my pillow knowing she's right but wanting to soak in the last few moments I have left with my pillow and my cozy bed. I always find it hardest to get out of bed in the morning because its cold and my bed is like this safe haven that I never wanted to leave.

"EMILIA!" she yells while smacking me with a pillow over my head.

"I'm up! I'm up!"

"Geese give a girl a break I'm not a morning person" I squeeze out while crinkling me eyes due to the brightness of the room.

We both dress casually in jeans and sweaters not knowing what to expect on this first day of classes. As we head out of the hallway and back into the main building with all the main hallways and lecture rooms.

"Ok so it says here that the first class we have is English Literature in room 202 with Professor Maxwell" Jenifer reads aloud while I desperately try to figure out where we are.

"Sounds simple enough, where are we now?"

I squint reading an approaching door "Well that one says 404 so I would say we're... completely lost"

I was dreading the first day of school mostly because of the feeling you get when you are first introduced as the new kid, or in our situation the new international students. So being lost wasn't something I was completely opposed to at the moment.

"There's got to be a map somewhere in this packet they gave us" Jenifer mumbles as she looks down going through the papers. As I continue to look around in a desperate attempt to find a map somewhere that's when hecame around the corner.

Now when I tell you I've been attracted to someone, I'm not lying. I've had crushes and I have drooled over numerous celebrities but in this moment, I was completely at a loss of where I was.

This mystery man was oddly like no one I had ever seen before. But not in a bad way, in the way where he's oddly so unique that you can't help but stare.

So I stared at him as we walked. He then glanced up and that's when I died inside.

He had green eyes.

For me eyes were the selling point of any boy, and damn was I sold. His green eyes, the brown hair, the genetics on this guy were insane. It made me question what his parents looked like because man he was attractive.

Jenifer and I continued to walk in his direction as he and his blonde friend with the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen continued to stagger towards us. Weirdly enough the sun came through the windows behind them portraying them like they were in a slow-motion scene of a movie.

"Emilia are you even listening to me we have to go back the other—"


At that moment I was so caught up in my gaze fest I completely missed the door that came flying open and headed straight for my face.

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