My Two Favorite People

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Steve POV


"Hey Steve! I just finished some dinner for you and the kids. How was work?"

"Work was fine. You know the usual."  I put my arms around her waist and capture her lips.

"daddy! daddy!" I hear two voices giggling.

I let go of Peggy and squat down and hold my arms out.

"Ryan! Lily!" I call out and smile as I see one Ryan was helping Lily walk towards me.

A toddler boy with my blonde hair and Peggy's hazel eyes and baby girl with Peggy's brown hair and surprisingly green eyes. It's rare for someone on my side of the family to have green eyes, but Peggy insisted that that its more likely for someone on her side of the family to have green eyes.

somewhere in my mind, I swear there is someone I know who look almost exactly alike, but I can't put my finger on it.

"Daddy! Daddy!" They giggle as they jump into my arms.

"Hey babies, how was your day?" I kiss both of their heads.

"Gah ba ba!" Lilly giggles in delight.

"It's was soo soo fun! Mommy took us to the park! And we had ice cream after lunch! Well actually, I had ice cream. Lily just had green peas." Ryan scrunched his face in disgust.

"Ryan, remember, Lily is still a baby. You used to eat green beans too. You liked it when mommy smushed they up too." I chuckle.


I raise a brow.

"I mean oh."

"Come on let's go eat dinner now. I'm sure mommy made some good food." I glance at Peggy as she smiled.

"Just your favorite pork and some beef stew. Come babies let's wash hands."

"Come on, you heard mommy. Go wash your hands, I'll be right with you." I shoo them, so they listen to Peggy.

I take off my coat and put it on the coat hanger and that's when i heard someone call my name.


I look around. Peggy?


"Steve! Wake up!"


"Steve!" I hear a familiar voice.

What? Huh?

"Seriously Steve wake up!" That person gave me a rough shove and I finally come to my senses.

"I'm up! What's so important that I had to wake up!?" I ramble a bit frustrated.

"WANDA'S MISSING CAP! ITS IMPORTANT!" Clint shouts frantically.

Wanda? Why is Wanda missing, so important to wake me up from my perfect dream?! She's sixteen years ol- ohh baby Wanda. Wait. BABY WANDA!

I look around, where could she be?! She has to be here. Why isn't she here? She must be under the blanket or pillow. What if she's hurt?! What if someone took her? What is she hurts herself?

I take deep breaths.

"She has to be here somewhere." I say trying not to panic, but obviously failing.

"We want to know if you heard anything or saw her leave or- JUST ANYTHING" Tony asks panicking.

"No I didn't see anything. Did you ask Friday?" I ask everyone who seems to be wide awake.

"Yes But She said that since Wanda is not in her regular state and is now a baby, she could not track her." Natasha says with a small glare.

Wow. She's mad. And is that fear I detect?

I start to look around.

"We just got baby Wanda and now she's missing. Great." Sam says sarcastically.

Bruce and Tony is moving anything blanket that could be on top of Wanda.

Sam and Rhodey start to literally flip the room upside down to find Wanda.

Natasha and Clint are straight up freaking out calling out Wanda's name.

And Bucky's over-

wait where is Bucky?

I do a second head count and realize Bucky isn't here. Wanda isn't just missing, Bucky is missing as well.

If anything, Bucky wouldn't let Wanda leave without him knowing because he's a light sleeper and because he's very protective of her, baby or not.

"Friday? Where's Bucky?" I ask looking towards the ceiling.

"Bucky? Seriously Steve? We are looking for baby Wanda. Let me repeat baby Wanda and-" I shushed a very very angry Natasha and I know I'll probably regret that later.

"He is in the kitchen. Shall I inform him you are requesting him Mr.Rogers?" Friday informs.

"No Friday. Follow me. I know where Wanda is." I tell the team.

I quickly walk to the kitchen hoping I'm correct.

When I entered the kitchen, I couldn't help, but say
"That's adorable."

"What Rogers?! What can be so adorable right- '' Clint started to say.

"Aww. That's adorable." Everyone started to say.

"Omg Barnes with a baby? Who knew?" Tony sarcastically says.

It's was adorable though. Bucky was sleeping on the reclining chair with his metal arm firmly holding onto baby Wanda and his other arm lazily on top of his other. And don't get me started on baby Wanda. She was adorable. She was snuggling on Bucky, her right arm clutching onto Bucky's shirt and her other hand was holding onto the blanket that was sprawled out on top of them.

"Haha." Sam snorted. That's his way of laughing or saying something's funny.


"What's funny Sam?" Rhodey sighs rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Sam just looks at us with a mischievous look in his eyes. He smirks and takes out his phone.


And he started to snap a few shots at different angles.

I look at everyone's faces and they all have the same look in their eyes and hey proceed to take out their phones.

I start to think, I don't have a picture with two of my favorite people together. A smirk slowly makes it way across my face as I take my phone out.

Why not take a few?

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