A Queer In The Valley

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Dedicated to all of those out there who live in the closet, afraid to come out and be their true selves.

From the time I was a little boy
I sensed that I might be different
My young mind didn't yet comprehend
What that would mean for me
Or how scared to show my true self
A boy living in misery

For you see, I grew up in the Valley
A rural, close knit community
Where everyone went to church
A place that scorned homosexuality

As I grew older
Boys chased the girls
But all I wanted to do
Was dress up in my mother's pearls

As I entered my teen years
It suddenly became clear
I would need a girlfriend soon
Or I'd be labeled a queer

I latched myself to a girl
One of my best friends in band
I made a show of love so true
We walked hand in hand

But deep down I pined for him
That cute boy in my class
Knowing I could never express my feelings
My heart shattered like glass

That was when I began to recess
Into a dark and lonely place
No helping hand outstretched
No refuge of saving grace

My grades began to plummet
My nerves made me ill
I had a scary secret
It fought against my will

But even though I made a show
Of being just like all the others
Whispers of my sexuality
Made it to my mother

She never told me until later
About the random calls
Shouting that I was a queer
Her countenance did fall

The shoves and threats at school
Became an everyday thing
I never reported it, never fought back
I ran when the final bell did ring

If it hadn't been for a handful of friends
Who always had my back
Who knows what would have happened to me
I might have ended up dead or worse-
My bags I might have packed

But I did survive those scary, awkward years
Through inner strength I sometimes lacked
I clawed my way out of that Valley
Swearing to never come back

As my adult life has progressed
I've learned that I'm no freak
My spirit soars with true love I found
My life is no longer bleak

So if you're reading this
And it resonates with you
You can reach out to me anytime
I will be there for you

No one should have to hide themselves
There should be freedom to love
You dictate your life, your path
Look to the stars above

For you see there are many of us
Who will fight on your behalf
We will stand shoulder to shoulder
We will push the enemy back

I forever hold an outstretched hand
To lift you off the ground
Always remember this one thing:
You have allies all around!

I no longer fear that Valley
Triumphant over its grip
I go back every now and again
Looking forward to the trip

A place can only be frightening
If to its power you submit
Summon your courage, gird your loins
Just don't ever quit

One day in our future
Protected we will be
We'll have every right
To live and love freely

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