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Titus's POV
I felt Tala start to squirm around early in the morning. I let out a small groan and look down at her. Her eyes open slowly and she let out a squeak as she stretches her tiny arms. She rubs her eyes and looks at Sophia then looks at me. She saw that I was awake and smiled and waved at me.

"Are you hungry?" I ask her. I was trying to distract her from waking up Sophia. I wanted her to get some more rest since it was only 9.

She nods and I let out a small sigh. I got up and she stands up on the bed and climbs into my arms. I rest her on my hip and she wraps her arms around my neck.

"Before I make breakfast, we have to get ready," I told her. She nodded and I carry her into the bathroom. "Do you know where you step stool is?"

She nods and I set her down. She closes the door that leads to the bedroom and opens the bathroom closet door and points to her wooden step stool.

I put out the step stool in front of Sophia's sink and she climbs onto it and grabs her toothbrush out of the glass cup and puts her toothpaste on it and starts brushing her teeth.

I hold my hands on either side of her just in case she were to fall. She washes the rest of the toothpaste off of her toothbrush and rinsed her mouth. I carry her to the towels and she wipes her mouth.

"Are you ready to go choose your clothes?" I ask her. She nods and I off the bathroom light and carry her into our closet. I set her on the floor and she goes through her clothes that hung on the lowest rod nearest to the floor. She picks out a yellow dress with different colored flowers on the skirt.

"Do you need help changing?" I ask her. She shakes her head and she starts to take her pajamas off.

"I've got it," she told me. She finished changing and she grabs her Velcro shoes and puts them on. She hold her arms up at me and I carry her.

We carefully make our way out of the room, making sure Sophia doesn't wake up.

Sophia's POV
I let out a yawn and stretch my arms out above my head. My knuckles hit the headboard and I let out a string of curses under my breath. I quickly cover my mouth remembering Tala was in the room.

I look down and realized that she had disappeared. So had Titus. Their scent lingered in the room but it wasn't fresh. I let out a sigh of relief and sit up on the bed.

The curtains were drawn open and the sunlight was beaming down on our room. The smell of eggs, cinnamon, and butter filled our room. I grabbed my jacket of the closet door and slip into it before I walk outside.

I see Tala siting on the bar stool patiently waiting, swinging her feet back and forth. I see Titus cooking shirtless, quietly whistling to himself. He turns around and see him but I signal for him to be quiet. I creep up behind Tala while she still watched Titus.

I yelled and tickled her and she let out a little squeal and jumps into my arms.

"Momma you're awake," she smiles. I was still not used to her calling me momma but I would have to get use to it since our baby girl is on the way. Which reminded me that Tala still doesn't know.

"Tala?" I ask her. She nods and I take a deep breath before starting. I look up at Titus and he looked a bit confused.

"What do you think about getting a baby sister?" I ask her. She takes a second to answer and my heart pounded faster.

"I would love that," she squeals.

"I could play with my dolls with her and we could play dress up and we can go play with the other people and we can make cookies and brownies and cupcakes and...," she rambled. I let out a small sigh of relief. Titus lets out a small chuckle as she continued listing things she could do.

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