Chapter 8

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"Lily, are you sure you want to stay?" Draco asked his friend.

"Yes, I rather not go back home and I don't want to intrude on you guys" she told them.

"Lily, it's okay. Our parents won't mind" Pansy explained.

"Pansy, Draco" She said as she sat down. "Spend Christmas with your families. I'll be okay" She said as she smiled at her friends.

"Fine, but remember to owl us. Okay" Pansy said.

"Yes, mom. I will owl you" Lily giggled. She then got up to hug both of her best friends. "I'll miss you. So hurry back" she said to the two. The laughed and hugged her. "We will" Draco said. They then left to catch the train back. Lily had already gotten them presents, but had to wait for them.

She had gotten Pansy, Draco, and her matching bracelets. She had got Draco a seeker ball signed by his favorite professional quidditch player. She had got Pansy some shoes and clothes from the muggle word. She also got the twins a presents. Since they dreamed of opening a joke shop, she had bought them some supplies for it. She got Theo a teddy bear because he liked soft things. She got Daphne muggle makeup and Neville books about herbs.

Lily didn't mind being left alone, after all she had been alone all her life. She just didn't want to go back to her relatives. Lily had already knew she had money because of her heritage, so it was up to her to decided. She knew that she wouldn't be allowed to leave, so she had to think of something.

————A Couple Days Later————

It was finally Christmas Day. Lily didn't really expect anything, so she got up and went through her morning routine. When she walked to commons she saw a Christmas tree with presents underneath. Being the only slytherin that stayed she walked up to the tree and looked at the presents. They all had her name.

Lily began to cry. She didn't know what to do. No one was ever this nice or cared about her. She couldn't believe it. She began to open her presents. Pansy had gotten her a notebook. It was brown and had a small key attached to it. The note said it was her to doodle and write music since Lily liked to hum and sing to herself.

Draco had gotten her a book about her family history and everything about them. Theo got her a stone that would become hot if someone lied to her, which surprised her. Daphne got her potions that changed her hair color. Neville had gotten her a potion to fix her eyes, so she wouldn't have to wear glasses anymore.

The twins had gotten her a snake charm and a slytherin colored scarf. She even got a present from Mrs. Weasley, jams and a sweater that had a L on it in slytherin colors. She finally opened her last present. It was a cloak. The note that came with it only said that it was her fathers. She put it on and looked in the mirror, but she had disappeared. She was shocked, it was an invisibility cloak.

After some time she went downstairs for the Christmas dinner. That's when she spotted the twins.

"Our little snake!" Fred exclaimed.

"Hi Fred" Lily said.

"No, I'm Fred" George said.

"No, you're George and he's Fred" Lily said. The two turned to each other shocked.

"You can-"

"Tell us apart?" The twins said.

"Yep. Now let's go" Lily said like it was nothing. Not many people had stayed behind. It was the Weasleys, Lily, some Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws.

When Lily went back to her room she went through all the details of the day. Dumbledore was wearing a bonnet, Hagrid kissed Professor McGonagall on the cheek. That's when she got the idea to try out her invisibility cloak. She put it on and took out her map. She began to wonder the halls of Hogwarts. She went to the restricted floor because she was curious to why it was restricted. When she opened the door she noticed that it was a three headed dog. She wasn't really scared, but curious about why it was there. She shut the door quietly and continued to walk around.

She found a room somewhere and there was something covered. She removed the cover and had saw a mirror. She looked and the mirror and she saw herself with her parents. She could tell because of all the photos she had saw.

"Hello?" She whispered, but they didn't say anything. She tried to say a couple more things, but they never spoke to her. No matter what she said. She told them what aunt Petunia did to her. How she would burn her with water, how she blamed her. She told them that uncle Vernon tried to touch her, how she told aunt Petunia and she beat the her so hard that she broke her rib. She told them that Dudley and his gang would beat her up u til she couldn't walk, that they blamed everything on her. By the end of the night she was crying, yet they didn't respond. They didn't say a word.

"WHY?! WHY DID YOU Leave me?" She started off by yelling, but by the end it became a whisper and she was crying. "W-why?" She stuttered. "Why don't they love me?" She asked. That's when she heard footsteps. She turned around and saw the headmaster. She quickly stood up and wiped her tears.

"I'm sorry" she said to him. He looked at the girl with worry in his eyes. He didn't know that they had did that to her. He fault horrible and wanted to help that small girl.

"Do you know what kind of mirror this is?" He asked her.

"No, sir" she replied.

"It's the Mirror of Erised"

"Why did it let me see my parents?" She asked full of curiously. This mirror had brought out old wounds she forgot about.

"It shows you your deepest desires of your heart" He explained to the girl. She sighed and realized why they didn't talk back to her. She didn't understand why she even talked to them in the first place.

"So, that's why they weren't able to talk to me? It's not because they hate me?" She asked the head master. The head master looked at the little girl with sadness in his eyes. He wanted to cry for her. What exactly did the Dursleys do to her? What did they tell her?

"Lily Potter. Your parents didn't hate you. When they found out your mother was pregnant they threw the biggest party and invited everyone. They had fought over what to name you. If you were a boy they wanted to name you Harry, but if you were a girl your mother wanted to name you Rose" Lily was confused by this because she was named Lily.

"But head master. My name is Lily" she said confused. The old man laughed and went back to speaking.

"Yes, that's because your father is stubborn. He loved your mother so much. He wanted to name you after her. He wanted his little girl to be strong like her mother. Lily was against it at first, but when you were born she knew it was meant to be. They knew they didn't have much time to live, but they wanted you to be a piece of both of them thus your name was Lily James Potter" He said explaining everything to her.

"Your parents couldn't be without you. They had only let Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black with you. They were your fathers best friends, at least until Petter turned" He sighed sadly. "But That is a story for another time. Now it's time for bed Miss Potter. Don't come back anymore. I have to move the mirror. It's also not good to be focused on it for so long" he told her.

"Goodnight" She said to the old man as she put the cloak on and left. When she got to her room she tucked away her cloak and fell asleep.

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