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cameras aws really? we
talked about this


we talked about keeping
this between us. thea and
i decided to get cameras
before the last time we talked.
i would've had to explain if
i suddenly said i didn't think
we needed it anymore


but there is one small
thing you'll have to
explain to her


well aren't you going
to ask me what it is?

do i have to?

yeah you do.

ask now.

what is it

what is what

we're not doing this. i'm
not gonna start bending
over backward trying to
get everything you say done
exactly the way you want
again. i asked your damn
question, you're not getting
anything more from me.

you're no fun anymore


what you're going to be
explaining to thea is why
she'll be putting all those
groceries away alone. you'll
be lying to her of course but
you should manage that just
fine, seeing as you did it to
all your friends and family
before, i don't see any
reason for thea to be any

what is it that you want
from me here? i'm not
leaving her. especially not
for you

i'm not asking you to
leave her. i'm just telling
you to be at the place you
two went to breakfast
together after you first met.
be there by five thirty, alone
and without your phone


don't ask questions just do

you're not allowed to be
near me. if anyone who
knows who we are sees
there will be a lot of
questions that i don't think
either of us want answered

then don't fucking answer
the questions it's not that
complicated honey

that is what she calls you
right? honey. fucking stupid.

don't talk about her. she's
not part of this, you made
sure of that didn't you

fair enough

just before there by five
thirty. figure out what you're
gonna tell her now so you
don't try to come up with
something on the spot

yeah i'll need a pretty good
lie to cover up the fact that
my insane ex can't take a
fucking hint and leave me the
hell alone already

you got so aggressive
since our breakup. is
it because you miss
having someone to
tell you to shut the
fuck up? or do you
just miss me?

neither. fuck off.


it's okay though i know
you do miss me, you can
keep telling yourself that
you don't but we both
know you really do.

how many times do i have
to tell you to fuck off before
you get it through your head
that i really mean it

see you soon aws

fuck off

be there.

i will


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