Chapter 19: Money Part One: Tribeca

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Kim found herself standing on a very fancy stretch of sidewalk. There were buildings and apartments towering in every direction around her. 

She looked around to get her bearings and orient herself and saw one of the witches walking quickly away from her.

Kim rushed to catch up. 

“Umm, hi, Ash?”

“I’m Kate,” Kate said. 

“Hi again Kate, where are we?”

“Tribeca. New York. The never that never sleeps, et cetera. It’s all incredibly appropriate and symbolic.”

“And what are we doing here?”

“My sisters and I are going to teach you to call the Four Corners. I’m the lucky one who gets you first."

“Okay but where are we going?”

“Here,” Kate said. They had stopped in front of Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts. “Come on.”

Kim followed Kate up the steps and into an expansive, unfurnished loft. 

“Have a look around,” Kate said. “You know Sandra?”

Kim looked in the direction Kate had indicated and saw Sandra Kirkland, the incredibly attractive real estate agent, standing nearby.

“Oh hey!” Kim said. “Yes I know Sandra. She found me my Miami place. Sandra I love that plaid skirt, by the way.”

“Thank you,” said Sandra. “It’s one of a kind.”

“I figured, because I haven’t seen it for sale in any of the stores. Very cute on you.”

“Thanks!” Sandra said.

“Okay, down girls,” Kate said. “Kim, you like the loft?”

“Hells yeah.”

“Wonderful. You recall the names of the Four Corners?”

“Money, Power, Friendship, Fame,” Kim recited.

“Excellent,” Kate said. “We begin today with Money. Your challenge is to buy this loft.”

“Umm lol wut?” Kim said.

“Sandra, how much for the loft?” Kate asked.

“$10,000 or 30 K-Stars,” Sandra replied.

“And how much money do you have Kim?” Kate asked.

Kim pulled some wadded bills from her purse and tried to flatten and organize them. “Umm. Rounding up? About a hundred bucks and zero K-Stars.”

“Then you have quite a ways to go before you can buy this loft. What will you do?”

“Can I sell some clothes?”

“Clothes imbue power on the wearer. More clothes equals more power, and you can’t spare it at this point, so no.”

“Then can I take out a loan?” Kim asked.

“Witches do not take out loans. We offer them in exchange for mortal souls.”

“Well I don’t really NEED this loft, I have the place in Miami and the place in L.A. So can I save up for something else instead?”

“This is not about saving. This is about earning. You will buy this loft, and you have 12 hours to do so. If you fail you will remain E-List forever. My sisters and I will no longer associate with you in any way, and neither will Simon or Maria.”

Kim’s eyes bugged out. “What? 12 hours? That’s impossible! Even if Simon had lined up some all-day event for me, which he totally has not, it would get me like $1000 at most.”

“Exactly,” Kate said. “Okay! 12 hours on the clock. Your challenge begins now.” Kate waved her hand and a bullhorn materialized, hovering in mid-air right beside Kim.

“What the heck is that?” Kim asked.

“It’s your countdown bullhorn. If you touch it it’ll tell you how much time you have left to complete your challenge.”

“That makes no sense,” Kim said.

“The challenge has begun,” Kate said.

“An hourglass would make way more sense if you’re trying to convey something about the continual passage of time.”

“You need to be out making money right now.”

“Or a digital timer would work. Or a watch. A nice one, like a Cartier. Even a sundial. A bullhorn is the last object in the world I would choose.”

Kate rolled her eyes. “Okay we’re out of here. Best of luck Kim, see you around.” Kate tapped something on her phone and she and Sandra vanished, leaving Kim alone in the empty loft. The bullhorn hovered silently beside her.

Kim paused for a moment, then slowly reached out to touch it. “11 HOURS AND 58 MINUTES REMAINING” it shrieked in a fury of squawky feedback that echoed through the room.

“Jesus ugh fine,” Kim said. Trying to shake the ringing out of her ears, she stomped outside to make some stupid money.

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