Chapter Sixty Two

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Slowly, everything calmed down after Blayze's extravagant version of stating his vow's.
My nerves were now twenty times as high as they'd ever been.
How the hell was my sappy little speech ever going to measure up to the fact he'd sung his vow's in front of everybody?!
But it wasn't like I could put my tail between my legs and hide.
My vow's was the next part of the ceremony!
"Are you ready, Bailey?"
Pastor Michaelson asked me, away from the microphone.
I glanced at Blayze, then back to the Pastor and sucked in a deep breath.
"As I'll ever be."
More than one person around me laughed!
Because I'd copied the answer that Blayze gave the Pastor only five minutes ago.
Pastor Michaelson chuckled.
I turned back to Blayze to find him smiling and shaking his head, his blue-green eyes twinkling in the afternoon sunlight.
This was it.
Breathing in deeply, I squared my shoulders.
You can do this.
I mentally encouraged myself.
Forget about everybody that's watching and just tell your story.
Codie's not so helpful advice of telling me to picture the audience naked popped into my mind and I shook my head.
I think I'd rather just pretend that nobody else was here and it was just Blayze and I.
"I'm not sure how I'm supposed to measure up to Blayze's performance."
I admitted aloud.
Soft laughter from the guests watching us reached my ear's.
My heart stuttered inside my chest.
My next breath hitched.
I looked into Blayze's beautiful eyes and as I'd done so many times in my life so far, tried to draw some courage from his strong presence.
"But he's been the leader since I met him, so it's not exactly surprising that he's doing it again anyway."
I admitted.
Blayze rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"No telling lies in the presence of a Man Of God."
He chastised teasingly, hooking a thumb towards Pastor Michaelson.
Nearly every member of our Bridal Party, plus the onlooking guests laughed!
It was the ice breaker I'd needed and I found myself giggling, the tension in my shoulders lessening significantly.
Inhaling deeply, I squared my shoulders.
"Blayze... when you came home from America... my world was thrown into the tumble dryer."
I declared.
"But over time, the puzzle pieces slotted together in the most beautiful and perfect way that I could have ever hoped for, or dreamed that they might."
The familiar burning touched the back's of my eyes, but I blinked against the feeling, determined to last a little bit longer before I started crying.
I was far from finished talking.
"You're my sun to a big blue sky. My rainfall to a drought stricken land."
My throat tightened and I swallowed hard while feeling the prickling of tear's around the edges of my eyes.
"My warm hug in front of a cosy fireplace on a long Winter night... and my best night's sleep."
My voice cracked and I cleared my throat while clenching my fists against my suddenly sweaty palms.
"You drive me crazy when you're the only one willing to call me out on my crap... But you're the only Man who's water logged towel I'll ever willingly peel off a wet bathroom floor."
I felt myself smiling regardless of my lightly tear dotted vision and extremely thick throat.
Laughter from the Bridal Party and guests reached my ear's, but my focus was the Man standing in front of me, his focus seemingly solely on me.
"We've both already nearly lost each other, not of bad decisions or choice, but through the good and the bad, I wouldn't change any of it."
I wanted to wipe at my tear blurry eyes, but I knew I couldn't because I'd destroy my makeup.
Aunty Bridey's warning that I'd have to just let the tear's roll rang loud in my head.
"Not even the fact that you decided to leave me hanging by pretending for weeks that you'd been too drunk to remember our first kiss."
I laughed with the Bridal Party and the guests.
"The skeleton's of the past and the unforeseen challenges of the future no longer frighten me, because as a Team, I know we can and will conquer anything that dares to step into our way. In sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, I promise to love and support you. To be your hand to hold when you're needing comfort, your ear to listen when you're needing somewhere to vent, the shoulder for you to lean on when you're needing a break and the safe place to bear your heart, because we all need that."
I couldn't stop the tear's now even if I'd wanted to.
"In summary... in this life and the next... I love you. Unconditionally."
I croaked, my throat feeling like sand paper.

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