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Amongst the darkness, a singular lean and fair maiden stood. Her long locks of platinum hair gently swayed in a breeze that could not be felt, and her hands rested loosely at her side.

The air surrounding her glowed with peace and calmness, giving off an aura that swirled with the shadows, creating a flow of light and dark. As she exhaled, a wisp of green danced amongst the light and dark. As it followed through the air, dancing and twirling like a ballerina, the woman watched. Raising her hand ever so slightly, she spoke lightly and softly, words only she could hear.

By the time the words had left her mouth and her hand had returned to her side, the wisp had taken on the form of a large and dazzling sea turtle, waltzing amongst the reeds of shadow and the currents of light.

The wisp was a gift from Hiro, the Goddess of Spirit, and allowed her to release a piece of her own soul into the world around her. What her wisp could see, hear, smell, she could see, hear, smell. With each wisp she exhaled, she exhaled a small piece of her into the open world.

Standing alone, at peace, she watched the turtle with a calm expression. She had arrived a little over an hour ago and yet no one else had arrived yet. However, her hope had not been diminished in the slightest; she knew they would come. The hours passed and the lady stood, waiting. Every now and then the wisp was consumed by shadows, and she would release a new piece of her soul into the darkness.

Exhale. Whisper. Observe. Wait.

The fourth turtle shrieked and cried while the chains of shadows devoured and destroyed. As the wisp faded into a ghost of nothing, a new voice rang out through the darkness. It was strong and confident, yet warm and reassuring to hear.

"Grief will always win." The pale maiden looked to her left and frowned ever so slightly. It was the first time she had heard that voice speak words of giving up and discouragement.

"Won't you help?" She inquired to the shadows.

There was a moment of silence and stillness, like a forest before sunrise and ere to the first bird songs.

Disappointed, the woman turned her attention away from the newcomer, exhaling a new wisp. She stood, yet again in silence, watching a piece of herself strike at the darkness.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a pale blue light emerge amongst the shadows. It wriggled and writhed as it shaped itself into a large and majestic eagle, gliding swiftly towards her newly born turtle.

The two wisps approached each other, and once face-to-face, bowed their heads. They filled the air with calmness, serenity, and peace, neither wisp wanting to disrespect the other, for they recognised each other as equals. Together, they were seeking peace and the long lost friendship they had once shared to be reborn.

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