Chapter 1

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Karma POV

Not seeing my Best friends for a while started to take a toll for me. Deciding to meet up with them at a small, quiet restaurant would be fun. Walking into the restaurant, I started to look around until I spotted Mia, more like she spotted me.

"Karma! Over here girl," Mia shouted waving me over

Walking over towards the girls, I give each of them a hello and a hug before sitting down. A few seconds after sitting down, a waiter put down a glass before filling it with water, smiling at him before he walked off to serve someone else.

"It's so good to finally see you again, Karma. It's been such a long time since we last saw you" Diana reported

"Yeah K, Your job take too much time" Rosa complained, pouting

I take a sip of the water that's in front of me. I missed spending time with my girls, having a few days off from working overtime really paid off.

"I've been good, but I've missed you girls so much. But I do want to know, what trouble have you guys gotten into that you had to go ahead and call this emergency meeting?" I asked with concern

We always called an emergency meeting for when we needed help. If one of us were depressed, going through a breakup, family, school, or work drama, we would stop whatever we were doing and go to each other. It was like we were sisters from a different mother.

"I have been the same since you last saw me. You know the drill; work, party, family, drama" Rosa answered with a nod of her head

"Hookups, hookups, work, party planning, hookups, living the dream" Mia answered

"Work.. and getting over a heartbreak," Diana answered while trying to control the tears that she was fighting back.

"You guys are just as busy as me, but I'm guessing this is why I'm here, Diana?"

"Yes, that is exactly why we are here. Our sister needs our help, and we are here to help her, there are also two other victims who have also been played by this player. They should arrive any minute now," Mia said ecstatically.

"Not that I love being confused, but anyone want to fill me in?" I asked with a pursed-lip with my eyebrows up. I had gotten a call about our sister falling for some playboy, played games with her and a lot of other girls. I have always been able to pinpoint the playboy or cheater, not saying these girls can't but I grew up with it. My dad happens to still be a Mr.playboy himself. I naturally learned everything from watching him.

"So, Diana fell hard for this guy, we actually met him a few times, he was a big-time charmer, he had us all fooled," Rosa explained slapping her palm of her hand to her forehead, "Seems like he goes around making the girls fall for him, sleep with them and dump the next day."

"It hurt horrible K; we thought that maybe you could help us get revenge on him. You know the game better than we do" Diana asked

I was just about to say no, even though I wanted to help, but with my work, I never have time. I hardly see my friends let alone have a boyfriend as I'm married to my work. I felt very guilty to say no, but as I looked up to see the girls that also been victims of this guy, I thought 'Screw it.'

"Hey everyone" this girl with brown hair and glasses greeted

"Hi," another girl with blonde hair came in behind her

"K, I want you to meet Kat and Juliet, they also got played, but after I learned what he did to them, we became friends. Kat, Juliet, this is my other best friend, Karma, I was telling you girls about" Diana introduced

"All good things I hope," I said, trying to lighten the mood as they both seemed nervous, "It's nice to meet you both."

"Thanks, Nice to meet you to" Kat smiled at me

"Likewise," Juliet said taking a seat

"So what's this plan? Whats am I doing and how long will it take?" I asked looking around the group

"Damn, She jumps right to it, I like that. Paybacks a B*tch" Kat had a smile on her face

"Or better yet, as we say it, Karma is so so sweet" Mia looked at me with a little evil smile to add the cherry on top. Everyone laughs knowing I'm the 'Karma' they were talking about

"I actually love how your name is Karma "Juliet spoke thrilled

"Thanks, Jules. Okay, the plan?" I said wanting to know what we, correction, I was going to do

"Ahh, right. Our wicked plan" Mia rubs her hands together while laughing her evil laugh making everyone laugh at her. "Well, sister, Our plan of revenge is for you to use all you know about playing the playboy at his own game. Doing this we will hook you up with a little camera that goes on your clothing to get everything on film"

"Oh, My dad works with the FBI, he can lend us some hidden cameras as long as they don't break or get lost," Kat said

"After destroying him, we will post the video on our Youtube channel to warn all the other girls out there of showing how to spot playboys. So, are you in?" Rosa looked at me with her head a little down and her up, showing how deadly serious she is.

Everyone's eyes were now on me. I'm still not sure if I can take this, but I would need to try, for these girls. This shouldn't be that hard, what am I saying? This should be a piece of cake. I'm not sure that I do this thought, working, and taking care of mum has been very stressful. But then again, I always liked a game of cat and mouse. Making my decision, I give the girls a Vicious smirk before giving my answer.

"I'm in, let's do this! I need a name, picture, where he goes, his likes and dislikes. Everything"

Everyone smiled at each other, knowing this guy was going down. We all exchanges numbers so we know when to meet.

"You know what we need. We need to call this Give it a cool name" Kat said excitedly

"I got it!" Diana almost yelled

"Well, hello? Tell us" I said impatiently

"Operation Karma"

"What a genius. Why didn't I think of that?" Mia wined

As the evening started to die down, we all decided to go home. Giving each other hugs we agreed to meet up again tomorrow to start working on taking down Mr.playboy himself.

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