Simple Things

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When you feel the weight
Of a cruel and callous world
Crushing your happiness
It's load you can't bear
Think of the simple things
And erase your every care

For me it's several things
Some of which may not
Appeal to you at all
But to me they resurrect
That spark that ignites my soul
So sit back, relax
And I will share in whole

Fresh mown grass, lush and green
I like to feel it under my bare feet
It reminds me of my youth
Takes me back to carefree days
Before I knew adult truths

The aroma of falling rain
It cleans out my senses
It stimulates my old brain
All my stresses are washed away
They all go down the drain

Festivities of sound and light
Christmas holidays are here
People seem to smile a little more
Singing songs of good cheer
I never really tire of it
Actually, it should be all year

Walking out into cold, crisp, winter air
Quickens my whole aura
Add some fresh snow to the scene
You'll never see a happier me
I love the way everything reflects
Every size and beam of sunlight
It transforms the mundane
Into a beautiful and pleasant site

Receiving a hand-written letter
Or a birthday card or two
Shines love so bright
Into my low, dark moods
Bringing me back to life

There are many other things
My pulse they do quicken
Like puppy breath, warmth and love
Or playing with a kitten
Their innocence so pure and true
No depravity within
Especially those with eyes so blue
I'm instantly smitten

On those days that come round
And knock you off your feet
Just take a moment to relax, to breathe
Sit down, snack on your favorite treat
Recollect your happiest moments
Things that bring you joy
Then go experience them again
Be innocent like little girls and boys

It's the simple things
That fill your well
And replenish your spring
Dust off those knees
Wipe away those tears
Prepare your heart for
A smile from ear to ear

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