Chapter 1: Reality Is Subjective

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Darkness descended upon the land as the scene continued to unfold in front of Y/n; his mother for the past hour had been attacking the beaten and broken Rose.

He stood confused and scared. However, he closed his mouth and kept quiet; out of a fear of what his mother would do to him if she found out he was here.


I kept my mouth shut; the seconds turned to minutes and they in turn felt like an eternity. Slowly my mom stopped her lashings as Tyrian jumped with joy and anticipation.

Salem: "I think that's enough for now. We'll continue this another time."

Summer: ".... G-Go to hell....."

My mom chuckled lightly before pulling Summer by the hair up; a malicious smile crossed her face as a dark aura filled the room once again.

Salem: "When I'm done with you.....hell will look like paradise in comparison."

She dropped Summer before heading out with Tyrian; once they left and the door closed behind them,I made my way over to Summer as she struggled to look up at me.

Summer: "H-Hey Y/n...."

Her voice came out hoarse and rough; it was a struggle for her to just talk. Slowly I placed my hand on her shoulder as a sad smile crossed my face.

Me: "It's gonna be alright; let me get you out of here."

She smiled brightly as I made my over to the locks.

Summer: "N-No rush......"

Quickly I began to tinker with the locks, but no matter how hard I tried... I couldn't pick them.

Me: "I-I can't unlock them."

Summer: "I-It's okay..... I wasn't planning on leaving alive....."

Those words hurt; they stung worse than any Grimm ever could. My hands began to shake as I felt weak; I couldn't help her.

Me: "I-I won't let you stay down here! I'll break them!"

I began to pull with all the strength I could muster, but even that wasn't enough to break the locks. She released a light sigh before slowly shaking her head.

Summer: "Stop Y/n.... Just go back upstairs before your mother realizes that your gone."

Slowly I looked down at the floor in shame; she was right... I couldn't break the locks... I couldn't help her..... it hurt... it hurt badly...

As I looked back up at her a familiar voice yelled my name; my eyes widened in both horror and surprise.

Tyrian: "My Prince!!! What are you doing down here!?!"

Slowly I turned around as Tyrian had a worried look on his face; he began to approach me as I took a step back. He descended from the stairs upwards as I grew a defensive stance; my heart began to beat quickly with fear and worry.

Me: "S-Stay away!!!"

Tyrian: "Did that witch poison your mind my prince!?!? I will kill that bitch!!!"

His scorpion tail curled upwards as he glared at Summer; quickly I stood in front of her as he took a step forward.

Tyrian: "Move aside!!! I'll kill her for trying to corrupt your little heart!!!"

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