the dungeon that kept me from her

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the dungeon that kept me from her

by Paul Lancelot Marquez

it was then i was so free that i enjoy most of the good things in this world and a bit enjoyment of the cruel bad things. going out and sip cocktails in night clubs and flirt around the girls hanging out. the world was everything to me and to everyone else too.

everything stirred when someone caught me up, not by cops but this girl with an unforgettable face. i followed her but then i failed to do so when a group of people gets on my way and when they were away i went to see her but she's already gone!

everyday i went out looking for her and asking people if someone knew this person i was looking for, by the way things weren't like this before and why would i waste my time looking for her if there were other beautiful girls just outside. i can't forget her and i can't lose now because i may be fallen for her and not just to someone else's.

when one night i came in a club i sat up in a bar counter and before fireworks had gone out i finally saw her besides me, i came at and ask her to be my girl but then she won't allow me so and again she went out and gone!

for the past days i went crazy and felt so depressed that a girl would refuse to be with me, to a guy who has everything even a smooth, fair and sweet face. what i didn't know is that she always come and go into the place where we had met and there she was looking for me while i was at my room suffering from great and unexplainable feeling with a mix of anger, love and sadness.

when she was up to look for me as the bartender told where she could find me she went right away and was there that she saw me lying patio and terribly drunk, she quickly get some water and towel and takes care of me...

i felt very very high and useless while i am drunk and then this girl came and loosen the chains that caught my feet and my arms and took me in her lap, it was warm then, i could feel it and even more i do when she wiped my face with her soft hands and when everything is fine, i stand up hold her hand and together we went out of this dark, morbid dungeon that has kept me from her.

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