Chapter 2

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I was sitting in bed finishing up a couple of  things for tomorrow's trial when I heard my phone ring
It was Bong-Ki
{Doctor Bongki😉} Thank you for helping my sister Do-hee, she can never get out of trouble

{Lawyer Dohee😜} It's no problem I'm always willing to help her besides I'm used to it

{Doctor Bongki😉} but still thank you

{Doctor Bongki😉} do you wanna get lunch with me tomorrow

{Lawyer Dohee😜} yeah I would love to

{Lawyer Dohee😜} but when are we gonna tell everyone about us

{Doctor Bongki😉} when the times right you just have to wait a little

{Lawyer Dohee😜} Okay okay, well I gotta finish up some work for, see you tomorrow

{Doctor Bongki😉} Okay, don't stay up to late, see you tomorrow

{Lawyer Dohee😜} okayyyyyy
{Lawyer Dohee😜} Goodnight, love you🥰

{Doctor Bongki😉} Goodnight, love you more❤️

I turned of my phone off and went back to finishing my work.

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