Chapter 1

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Hello I'm In Do-hee I'm In Guk-Do's older twin sister. My best friends are Do Bong Soon and her younger twin brother Do Bong Ki, I'm pretty much a normal girl except I have a big secret...well many..but my big secret is that...




"Aish jinja what an asshole couldn't even let me finish, might as well get ready" 

After looking in my closet for a while I decided on wearing a cute light pink blouse with a black bow around the collar and a short black high waisted pencil skirt, I left my hair down and put on my light pink heels on.

I walked down the stairs to see my brother sitting on the couch with his phone

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I walked down the stairs to see my brother sitting on the couch with his phone.

"Let's go ya dick"

"How did you become a lawyer with such an awful vocabulary" he asked
"The same way you became a detective with your shitty personality, let's go" I retorted

We got into his car and he dropped me off at work

"Ms Do-hee you have someone waiting for you outside of your office  I think her name was Do Boong Sin?" My secretary said
"You mean Do Bong Soon?" I asked

"Yes Do Bong Soon"

"Okay I'll be on my way" and so I left to meet with Bong Soon.I saw her sitting in the waiting room on her phone
'She's prolly looking for a job'
"Yo Do Bong-Soon" I called out her name, she then looked up and walked towards me.
We walked into my office and I closed the door then sat down. She stood close to the door.

"So whats up?" I asked

"Yanno nothing much but I umm... I kinda...well I need your help" she said

"What did you do this time" I whined

"I didn't do anything...well I didn't do anything bad" she said

"Uggggh just take a seat and tell me what you need help with" I said pointing to the seat in front of me.
She sat down and started talking.

"Well I was on the train yesterday and I saw a guy was molesting this girl and was touching her and well before I got off the train I kinda broke his fingers" she said scooting her chair back when she was finished.

I stood up and yelled "YOU DID WHAT, don't tell me he fucking sued you" I said as I massaged my temples 

"Well yeah" she said nervously

"Oh my fucking gosh Bong Soo why didn't you just report him or something" I said sitting down

"Well I got mad and blacked out" she replied

I looked at her and I saw
how distressed she was I knew about her powers and how she didn't really completely like them and as her best friend and lawyer I decided to help her again.

"Fine I'll help you but next time can you like not do anything but then again I hope there isn't a next time" I told her sternly

She smiled and nodded
"Thank you so much Do-hee I really appreciate you"

"It's fine now go I have an appointment with a client in 10 minutes"

"Thank you again love you bye" she said standing and leaving
"Love you too" I said as she left.

*Time Skip*

I finished all I had to work on for today and now I'm waiting for Guk-do to come pick me up.

When I FINALLY saw him pull up I got in the car.

"Took you long enough" I said to him
"Well then why don't you get a license and drive yourself around" he asked

"Well that because I don't want to" I replied knowing to myself that's a lie

He rolled his eyes "whatever"

"So how was your day" I asked him

"Stressful a bunch of men came in all beaten up and they said that apparently Bong Soon beat them all" he replied

My eyes widened
"F-for real" I stuttered out.

"Yeah, I know surprising she so small and adorable she could never do that to anyone she's like a puppy." He said
I sighed my brother doesn't know about Bong Soon's power as she wanted to keep it a secret as she liked him and wanted him to see her ass small, delicate, and innocent boiiiii is he wrong. But the thing is these dumbasses don't know that they fucking like each other they are honestly so retarted I feel like slapping both of them but there's only so much you can do. Another thing that my brother doesn't know is that Bong Soon comes to my office often for the reason that she gets sued A LOT but yanno he doesn't need to know about that either.

"YAH DO-HEE" my brother yelled

"WHAT THE FUCK GUK-DO" I yelled back

"Where home" he said blankly

"Your so fucking stupid you didn't have to scream" I scolded him

"Whatever let's go" he said

We went home and I started making dinner as he worked on some cases

"Anything interesting" I asked

"Not really the most interesting case I have is about a man getting his  wi-fi stolen" he said sighing "when am I going to actually get good cases"

"I don't know why are you asking me" I told him as I finished cutting up the potatoes

"Ugh Do-hee your no help" he complained

I put the knife down and turned around "okay you just have to wait it took me so long to get my first good case and not cases about who gets to keep the dogs when couples divorce you just have to wait its gonna take time"

He smiled "I hope I get one soon though"

"Don't worry little bro you'll get one soon" I told

He rolled his eyes "now you ruined the moment you're only older by 20 minutes"

"Still enough for me to be older" I teased him

"Whatever" he said getting up and leaving

"Go take a shower and be back here in 15, dinner will be ready by then." I said at he was going up the stairs

"Okay" he replied getting up and going to the bathroom

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