GangLeaders Trophy

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Maura has everything. She's got the looks. She's got the brains. She has a heart of gold. She also has an abusive drunk of a father.

When her Stepfather loses a bet, he owes a certain gang leader one thing of his choosing, and he wants her....his little trophy.

his little trophy

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'A sigh leaves my lips as i stare out the window, my knees still locked at my chest. My heavy breathing soothes as i stare at the large trees, the shortest ones probably reaching my 'new master's' head. I feel the car come to a stop as we arrive at a large building, people busting in and out.

An immense fear takes over as i shut my eyes softly, evening out my breaths and untensing my muscles, I feel his gaze as he looks over at me, "What are we gonna do with the bitch? He offered you money, cars, property, and you choose his whore of a daughter." it's silent for a few moments after the older man speaks, before a rapid turn is heard.

"You talk about her like that again and i will have your fucking head on a platter, she's worth more than shit i already own, as for what we will do with her," he trails off "she will be my wife," my soft breaths stop instantly, and i can practically hear the smirk in his tone,

"You're kidding me, right?" The older man questions his firm voice somehow reminding me to breathe. "No, I will ask Karina to organize the wedding, with her help of course, and it's a win win, she gets out of the miserable life bestowed upon her and i don't have to deal with my parents nagging," I hear a grunt of disapproval before the car door opens and slams shut, "and i get you," i swear i hear him say.'

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