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Jake is the first to wake the next morning, he runs a bath, before opening Jo's door quietly. He touches her cheek and she opens her eyes slightly, her face still showing traces of her tears, but she manages to smile at him. "Good morning, hon, I am running a bath for you, thinking it would do you good. Take your time, I'll make some coffee. No need to hurry. We're closed for the morning." He gets up to close the tap in the bathroom, placing a gift on the vanity before he walks off to prepare breakfast.

Jo rubs her eyes, realizing she is still wearing everything from last night, make up included. That bath seems like a very good idea. She takes off all her clothes and moves to the bathroom, only having eyes for the steaming water and slides in with a sigh. All her muscles ache and her head throbs, she closes her eyes, letting everything that happened last night go through her mind. That poor Dart, she totally broke down in front of him. She tried to be so tough, telling him to enjoy the moment. He was so tender though, it caught her completely off guard. She gets out of the bath with Dart still on her mind. She walks up to the mirror, drying herself off, glad that her muscles feel less sore.

Jo tries to fix her hair, but it's not behaving at all today, it got damp from the bath, but not wet enough to braid it. With a sigh she decides to give up and sticks her tongue out at her own reflection in the mirror, shaking her head to make her curls wiggle in all directions. She sees something from the corner of her eye: a gift. She opens it, to find a really soft, baby blue bathrobe. She puts it on with a smile, skipping downstairs to thank Jake. She finds him standing against the counter, looking at her with an amused look in his eyes. Jo hugs him and kisses his cheek, thanking him for the robe. He hugs her back and says: "You're welcome, hon. It looks good on you!" He looks her over, trying to find out how she is really doing, without asking her directly. Jo hides her face against his chest with a sigh, not sure how she feels. Jake rubs her head and chuckles as her curls jump around on her head. "I love your hair like this, it makes you look wild and cute at the same time." He laughs at the look she gives him, moving towards the coffee machine to get her a cup. "Sit down hon and drink your coffee." Jake sits down across from her, so he can look at her, wondering what is going on in her head. She takes a few sips of coffee and closes her eyes, trying to make sense of last night. "Jake? Did you speak to Dart last night? I mean after he carried me home?" Jake takes a moment, before answering: "No. He didn't look like a man who wanted to talk. I offered him a beer. We drank it in silence, he went home and I went to bed." Jo sighs, not sure what to think now. She looks up at Jake and asks: "What did Dart look like?" Jake smiles slightly at her smart question, he pretends to think about it for a while and says: "He looked like a man in love." Jo immediately blushes, even more confused than she already was. Jake grabs his phone and types a message on it, before getting up and rummaging through the fridge.

A soft beep makes Dart roll over in his bed to look at his phone. It's from Jake, inviting him over for breakfast. Knowing Jake he better shower and get over there, because as silent as he was last night, that won't last. And he really wants to see Jo, he has to know how she is feeling about last night. He felt closer to her than he has ever felt to anyone before. But he doesn't want to scare her off with his feelings. She might not be ready for it. And they have stuff to talk about, before considering anything else. He gets up for a quick shower, knowing he can't wait any longer.

Freshly showered, he runs towards the cafe, unable to control the urge to see her. He walks in and sees Jake behind the bar, who points at the door to the kitchen. Dart opens the door and stops in his tracks, the minute he sees her sitting at the kitchen table. "Morning, curly!" He gives her a crooked smile and stares at her wild hair. Jo looks up at him a little dazed and stutters: "M-morning." At that moment, Jake walks in to hand Dart a cup of coffee and immediately turns around to walk out again. Jo grabs her mug and sips, staring at the table, really insecure about the whole situation. Dart sits down at the other side of the table and studies her, desperately trying to stay on his side of the table. She looks so cute with her hair all wild and that blush on her cheeks. He just wants to hold her, smell her, kiss her. She has no clue, she probably even thinks he doesn't want her or something. He gets up and walks over to the other side of the table, sitting down on it, as close to her as he dares. She sighs softly and he can't resist any more. He places his hand under her chin and lifts her head up to look into her eyes. She tries to look away, but he whispers: "Please. Look at me." He smiles kindly and waits for her to really see him. As she looks up, he sees all the insecurities and worries in her eyes. "You look so cute right now, I really want to kiss you." She stares back at him, with her mouth open and he uses the moment to brush his lips over hers. He leans back, giving her the time to process it.

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