Shiv. What ...what do u mean desires

Ani. Look shivaay I think u r sexual frustrated that's why u r doing all this. But I don't wanna be ur toy again. So stay away from me.

Shiv. Have u gone mad anika. How could u say this to me. Do u know what did u say. U r openly calling a man who just think about pleasure

Ani. I didn't mean that it's just.

Shiv. What do u mean it's just ..complete the sentence girl he said pulling her closer to him.

Ani. Shiv. Its paining  .

Shiv. I dont care.although  If I behave with u frankly that's doesn't mean I've some bad things in my heart. It's just that i  wanna be   friendly  with u like  defore.

Ani. Nothing is same shivaay. our life have got changed. We r no more teens who used to do things in college. Now we r parents of small babies. So stop being childish and think what u want in ur life. And moreover  u seems  so confused about ur life. So find someone who can fill ur life with happiness. Bcz this time u r looking to me not more then a empty land where wheat have been stop growing.I'm folding hand infront of u. Stop this other wise I won't think twice  to leaving this job.

Shivay who was angry got more  furious after listening her.

Shiv.  u won't go anywhere keep this  thing in Ur brain. U will live with me forever and that's final.  He said pulling her closer to him.

Ani. I'm married shivaay  so obviously one day when seerat will grow up or my husband will ask me to leave this job then i have to leave it. So stop day dreaming and come in reality zone.

Shiv. Shut up just shut up ok

Ani. Aaaa Anika cried in pain when mistakenly his foot collided with her already wounded foot and bcz of it blood oozing out from it.

Shiv. Anika he got worried and try to touch but Anika didn't let him to do it and set ont he sofa holding her foot.

Shavi and seerat who was standing in corner seeing their fight got scared to seeing blood floating down from her foot.

Shiv. I'm so sorry show me. He set on his knees and try to grab her foot but Anika didn't let him to do it. And continue to crying

Shiv. Stop crying Anika and let me see ur foot he yelled at her being furious and pulled her foot.

Shiv. Babies bring first aid box. Seerat nodded and left for box. But shavi didn't move and continue to glaring him.

Shiv. Now stop putting pressure on wound. Other wise it will get worse. Anika didn't answer and turned her face. Shavi goes near shivaay and pushed him away from Anika

Shavi. Stop hurting my mumma.u Always  give her pain.

Ani. Shavi bata asa baat nhi karta.

Shavi. But he hurts u mumma and I can't see u like this. He said hugging her.

Ani shshsh stop crying. I'm ok

Shavi. U r not ok mumma. U r hurt. He sobbed and kept his head on her chest.

Shavi. Mumma let's go I don't wanna live here.

Shivaay look at him with jolt and glared him

Ani. Nhi bata asa nhi kahta. It's normal to fight like this. So don't worry. Now stop crying look ur pizza have arrived she said when door bell rang.

Shavi. I don't wanna eat.

Ani. Asa nhi kahata bata. Babies shouldn't skip their meal other wise they get weak. So  full ur tummy like panda does.

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