Part 9

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Plz complete the target of previous chapter.

Anika come out from the room holding wall and found babies are playing with each other. But shavi is looking lost.

Ani. Isa Kaya huva ha. She set on the sofa and called him to come to her.

Ani. What happened bacha. Why u seemed sad. She said taking him in her lap.

Shavi. Mumma tomorrow we r going school.

Ani. Ha to

Shavi. But I'm feeling afraid that maybe again they will ask about my father and I won't able to tell them. He said with sad face.

Anika. Shavi. Jaan look at me.

Shavi lift his eyes and immediately Hugged her.

Shavi. Mumma Plz tomorrow u tell them about my daddy i don't wanna waste my studies.

Ani. U like school very much na

Shavi. No mumma I don't like to go to school it's just that I can't see u working here and there. I wanna help u. But now I'm baby so can't do anything. But I promise when I'll become big boy then I won't let u to do any of work.

Anika got stunned to listing him and hugged him more tightly.

Ani. Baby stop thinking abut future. Just enjoy ur childhood. I don't want u to seeing u losing ur childhood. Being a baby u have fully right to enjoy ur life. So stop thinking about anything. And most important thing ur mumma is alive and she won't let u to  crave for everything. I'll do hard work to fulfil ur wish.

Shavi. But mumma I don't like u to do work. That's why I wanted to help u

Ani. No baby I'm happy and more ever I like to do work.  Now stop being a big boy and play with seerat. Look she is waiting for u. Shavi nodded and set on the floor beside seerat for playing with toys.

Shiv. What happened Anika.what was he saying

Ani. Hu nothing. He was talking randomly. Anyway u enjoy with kids I've to make food for them.

Shiv. Anika mara pas bath jati Thora.

Ani. No shivaay I think u will feel shame to sitting near ur daughter's care taker. And although I don't wanna give one more reason to ur mother to insulting me.

Shiv. But mom is not here

Ani. It's doesn't matter shivay. But it's batter for us to maintain distance between us. She about to go when shivaay pulled her in his lap

Shiv. Mom jo marzi Kaha But u won't stop talking to me or will not try to bring distance between us. Samji. He said cupping her face.

Ani. Leave me shivay. She try to come from his home but shivaay held her more tightly and pulled him towards him.

Shiv. U got hurt on ur foot so don't need to do any work.  I'm going to order pizza

Ani. No it's alright I'll make food she wriggle in his arms but he held her waist tightly  and didn't let her go.

Shiv. Stop running ok and let me call for pizza

Ani. Then let me go na. Why r u holding me.

Shiv. Shshsh phone is ringing. Anika huffed and jerk him.

Shiv. Hello yes can u send two large pizza with drinks.

Shiv. Yes yeah ok saying this he cut the call and smile at Anika

Ani. Ho Gaya now let me go.

Shiv. Stay here na. U r looking good here.

Ani. Stop it shivaay don't be so clever. I know what r u trying to do. I think ur mom is right u should get marry.  U needs a wife who can fulfil ur desires. She said pushing him back.

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