Academy Lovers: Chapter 3

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Andrew's POV

---------3 years ago---------(Andrew past in dream mode)

"Please. Oh please, stop!"I was crying by now.

I was so scared.

It was so dark and cold.

I only knew I was in a bed, because I could feel my naked body pressed against it. Maybe I'm in a house or someting like that, I don't remember anithing before this.

I only remembered going to the store to get my mom some flowers. She was in the hospital becuse she fell down the stairs in the house.

My grandmawas there with her because my dad had to work.

Getting back to the point I was entering the store, when out of the blue I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and then.... the darkness came.

When I woke up, i was tied up to something and in the dark. I was not scared - No scrach that- I AM SCARED.

I mean, when I was trying to remember what had happend, a guy enter the room and got on top of me and started to KISS ME!

I know I'm gay- well closet gay - ,but still, i'm no slut or in this case manwhoreI think... -back to the point- i don't know the guy, and most importantly:



"Please, don't. Let me go!" At this point, I was begging.

I don't want to lose my virginity to a stranger.

And definitly not by being RAPED...

God, if you exist, please help me!

Suddently,I felt his mouth on my nipple while biting it hard. I could feel my warm blood run down my chest.

"Ah! it hurts. Stop, please" I pleaded, while trying to get loose the ropes on my arms and legs meanwhile his lips got further down my naked chest untill he was right infront of my shaft.

Oh God.

If I wasn't nervous before, I was definitely nervous now.

"No please, don't do thisI beg you please" I keep saying this to the guy over and over again, but it was in vain.


While I was strugguling against his grip, I felt his tongue lick around the tip of my shaft, then he started sucking me harder.

I was repulse by the idea, but somehow it felt good, but i wasn't going to him that.

I was chewing on the inside of my cheeks, because there was a moan trying to escape my lips.

He then sucked even harder, if that was even possible. After a few minutes, he started to go up and down shoving my little friend further down his through.

The moan that was trying to get out, escaped my troat, betraying me.


It feels good!, but it's soo wrong in soo many levels.

But my dick keep growing hard every time he sucked it. For goodness sake, I'm being rape and I'm enjoying it!

"Aa-hh, please, stop, I'm.... going... to-" I said, well, it was more like moan, whileI was trying to getting him to stop, but to no use. He just did the opposite thing and started to suck even harder than before.

I'm going crazy.

A few secons later,I came in his mouth. On that moment,I noticed something. The guy had a tattoo. Is it some kind of scorpion?

Where haveI seen that tattoo before? It's so familiar.

While I was trying to remember where it was, I felt something poking the entrence of my behind.Seconds later, I yelled in pain. He was thrusingt inside of me with hishard his dick. Hewasn't even lubricated. It hurt even moreas he wentdeeper.

Now I was crying and yelling him to stop so hard that I was surprised that no one heard me.

-That Bastard could at least be more gentle.

-That's why it's call being rape, the little voice my head say.

-Yeah I get the point...ahhhhhh- I snaped and screamed at the same time. It hurt like hell.

Suddenly I felt a pair of lips invade my own. He kissed me hard, full of lust, while shoving his tongue down my throat.

I could even taste my own cum... SOOO GROSS!!

When he finally left my lips alone, I swear that my lipswere swollen. I got a glimp of his face...

I gasped.

Why? was all I could think. I was so shocked.

"No please, stop...DAD!"- then it was dark.

------------Present day in PFAU Academy--------------

"Ah"I woke up in a bed, and not in the cab. I looked around and saw another bed on the other side of the room, nicely done. I sighed. It was just a nightmare; thank God. But still, where am I?

"What happened? Where am I?"

"In your room in PFAU Academy, in Germany." a deep voice said from my side. I turned my hole body around and gasped.

Right there, by my side, was the most beutiful guyI had ever seen in my entire life.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Ryan, and I'm your new roomate."

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