They find out your family is abusing you - highschool edition

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This is going to be the first polygamy relationship one shot, in this book if you want more like this please comment.

You never told your boyfriends about the abuse you, have been getting from you family. Mostly it was because you, are chubby and done look the way they want you to look. 

You are walking to school trying your best, to hide all your bruise and cuts. You knew the sweater of your school uniform will help corner most of them, today was a very warm day and you are hoping none of your boyfriends will question it. You soon get to school and walk through the gated entrance, you see all seven of your boyfriends standing under a tree.

Suga " babe " you see suga waving over to you with a smile on his face. You make your way over, them remember the few words your father and brothers said to you this morning. You soon get over them and one by one give you a kiss on the check.

Y/n " hey"

Namjoon " hey we called you house last night to see if you wanted to talk, but you brother answer and said you went to bed early"

Y/n " oh yes I had work yesterday and I was very tried afterwards"

Jimin " well we are happy it something majorly bad"

Jin " we worry about you at times"

Y/n " oh there nothing to worry about"

V " well that makes things better"

Jungkook " hey why are you wearing a sweater are you cold"

Y/n " yeah I felt cold this morning, and the time I left home it was very cold"

J-hope" well okay hey do you want to come over, to our places later on today and we work on homework"

Y/n " ........"

J-hope " we can go to your place and work there, and your place is the quietest place to study"

Y/n " okay" soon the school bell rang and you boys walked, you to your first class of the day. Soon enough the rest of your classes went, by in a flash and soon it was break time.

You are sitting on the school roof with your boyfriends, and soon enough you began to feel unwell.

Namjoon " hey babe are you okay you look pale"

Y/n " no I'm ......"

Suga " now you look sick are you sure you are feel well, this morning"

Y/n " yeah I'm sure...." just then your lost your balance and almost fell, over but jungkook and Jin caught you.

Jin " that it we are taking you to the nurse office, and you are calling home you are to sick to stay here" no was not point in arguing with them, you soon are taken to the nurse office. Where you call your older brother to come get, you but you knew he was not happy about it. The boys watched you leave with your brother and drive away in his car.

Y/n brother " well miss piggy it seems like, you can't do anything right"

Y/n " I'm sorry ...." just then you brother slapped your hard on the face leaving a mark.

Y/n brother " don't you dare speak to me, I have more important things to do then pick you up"

Y/n " yes sir" you soon gotten home and went off into your room. Right after that your vote he left the house, saying he will deal with you later if you felt like it.

Two hours later

Soon there is a knock on your bedroom, door you don't respond thinking it your brother or father. Soon enough the door opens and in came walking your boyfriends.

Y/n " hey"

V " hey babe we came to check up in your once, school had ended"

Jimin " we found the spare house key, under the welcome mat and let ourselves in"

Y/n " oh I'm happy to see you guys"

Jin " we are glad to see you are looking better"

Namjoon " hey where is your brother or father"

Y/n " they have work but will be home soon"

J-hope " okay in the mean time we will keep you company"

Y/n " sure" the guys kept your company for good amount of time, but that soon ended when your father arrived back home. He stormed into your bedroom, but he changed his attitude when he saw the guys.

Y/n father " hello"

Y/n " hey father"

Y/n father " it good to see you are doing better" you father walked closer to you, but namjoon and jungkook stoped him.

Namjoon " you won't take another step or even lay a finger on her"

Y/n father " what the hell is happing"

Jungkook " easy old men we are taking y/n with us in a house where she will be safe and treated right"

Y/n father " you can't do she my daughter"

Suga " if she your daughter you and your son will not be, hurting her"

V " he rights and we know what you both have been doing to her, we fought maybe you both will change until today" namjoon helped you out of bed, you soon started walking out of the house with the guys following. Your father was cursing them out and even you. Soon enough you are placed in the boys car, after that the guys soon enter and the car drives away.

Namjoon " you are never going back to, that place or that so called family"

Y/n "'thank you I love you guys"

Boys " we love you too" after that day you moved in with the guys, and soon enough your father and brother went to jail. You and the guys collected your things, before leaving the house for good. You later on found out, your boyfriends are young mafia bosses, and were able to get your father and brother arrested.

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