Chapter 9(Wedding pt 1)

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So here about to get married, I would say this past few months has been going quite well,I have had a lot of memories with Xander the ones where I cried,laugh not to forget the most memorable of them all,the mouth watering kiss I share with him.

I stared at myself in the mirror as I absorbed the beauty right in front of me. I was getting married, I couldn't still believe it.

The girl staring back at me couldn't be me,she is too fine to be me. As I kept staring I didn't hear the down open when my mother,her sister aunt Maddie and my best friend Debby came into the room.

Awwwn sweetie you look beautiful, my mom said making me blush.
Yeah jas you look hot,am sure Xander wouldn't be able to keep his hand to himself tonight, as you may have guessed that's my aunt Maddie. (you all thought it was Debby)

Yeah I know my aunt Maddie is not the kind of lady who keeps her mouth shut she is always feisty,am sure I got my feistiness from her.

Wow! Miss petite you look  drool worthy,now that's my bestie talking. I just gave her a simple eye roll.

Honey, we've got something for you,my mom said with a smile on her pretty face.

What is it mom, I know whatever it is it's going to be awesome.

Here you go,she handed me a necklace with diamond pendant. Something borrowed, your dad gave this to me a night before our wedding as a token of our love for each other. I know even though you didn't love Xander from the beginning and my marriage with your father didn't go as planned but I can assure you that this marriage of yours wouldn't go loveless. After my mom's big speech I was at the edge of ruining my makeup with my tears, I just tried to wipe them away without ruining my makeup.

Then my mom placed the necklace around my neck and stepped back for my aunt Maddie to move forward.

Here you go sweetie, Something new,she said while handing a red box.

Opening it my whole face went  scarlet when I saw the content of the box. Inside the box was a red lingerie which was very tiny to even be called one. I kept examining it with the red lacy bra too which would definitely be a see through cause its transparent  but who am I to complain about anything consigning aunt Maddie she was always an air head. Jas wear this tonight and am sure as hell we will be hearing the cry of a baby in nine months,I bet on that .Am sure as hell right now my face would be worst than a tomato. God help my not so innocent soul cause now I can't erase the image of I and Xander not so heated make out session all thanks to my beloved aunt Maddie.

Okay my turn my dearly beloved bestie shoves my aunt aside with a very bright smile on her face . Here miss petite,is something blue she said while putting a blue hair pin on my hair. I just gave her a smile which didn't quite reach my eyes,to everyone I was so happy to be getting married but only my mom knew me too well to know I wasn't actually happy.

Hmm, can you guys give us a minute I need to jasmine. Sure, no problem, my aunt and Debby both existed the room while planing what to pack in my bag for my honeymoon. I know those two could be so nosy.

After they finally left my mom sat on the bed across me with a sad smile playing on her lips. What is the matter honey.

Mom am not happy,I just wish all this could be real mom,I wish am actually getting married today because I love Xander right from the beginning but no am getting married because of some debt my asshole of a father couldn't pay,now am being sold off to Xander for someone who wouldn't appreciate the sacrifice am doing for him.

I look up to see my mom in tears. Mom please don't cry,if u cry then am gonna cry also.

Sweetie I didn't tell you this but am the reason your dad borrowed that large amount of money from the West .

What.....why, I ask clearly confused.

Honey it was during your delivery when I was in labour. The doctor refused to do anything to help me, I was at the peck of dying but the doctor still refused unless your father deposit a certain amount of money which we didn't have at that time.
Your begged him to take the little we had but he still refused cause that wouldn't even cover the amount of money we were owning him for the medications I was taking during the pregnancy. During the cause of looking for money to save his dying wife he ran into an old friend. Mr Gabriel West,Xander's father. There had been friends since college, so your dad told him about his problem and he offered to give your father the money only on one condition, that if you turn out to be a girl you would get married Xander who was only two years old then. Without thinking your dad agreed and signed an agreement with the Wests.

Since then you and Xander have very good friend, the both even knew that you were to get married but not until..........

Until what mom, mom why can't I remember Xander from my childhood, why can't I remember that I was supposed to marry him. All this questions kept flowing out of my mouth as my mom just remains silent crying while hugging herself. I wasn't crying not even a drop,I was too confused to cry. She was about to say something when the door opens to Debby looking at my mom confusedly before she said the reason she opened the door.

Jas, its time .

I wiped my mom's face as I linked my hands with hers as we walked out of the room, ready to sign my life away .

This issue doesn't add up yet but am going to find out soon but right now I need to put up that mega watt smile for the show ahead the we resolve the issue later after the whole ceremony.

I stood behind a large double door here goes nothing. I exhaled as I wait for the music to start.

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