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This is where it all starts .....

Chloe was just smoking a cigarette on the train track she didn't even care if a train was going to come, she kept on smoking but she heard the train coming instead of moving she put the cigarette on the ground and she stepped on it and she just waited for the train to come closer to her and then........ Once it was almost close to her she jumped out of the train track, she really is reckless don't you think , then Chloe see's an abandoned mill where her favorite band was playing which is called firewalk, she starts walking she see's a barbed wire fence that says no trespassing 

Chloe ~ "fuck this I'm jumping over this shit"

She finally reached the mill, but its not going to be easy to get in , she saw a bouncer near the entrance she walked over to him all confidant and showed him a fake I.D he did not buy it  he knew it was fake , he told chole she cant go inside she got upset she turned around to see what would affect him then she saw a motorcycle with flower patterns on it she had a feeling it was his, then she heard two
people fighting it was getting crazier

Chloe ~ "get a fucking room"

Guy~ "mind your fucking business"

She left she wasn't scared, she had better shit to do Then watch them all day, then she saw a van well one important thing about chole is that she loves graffiti she dose it anywhere, she went behind the van she wrote "FREE CANDY" don't ever believe that unless your trying to get killed , but after she did that she went back to the bouncer and she spoke to him she was not going to give up chole has a very smart mouth she has it to use it , she started to have a back talk with him

Bouncer ~" I thought we went over this isn't it past your bedtime" ?

Chloe ~ "you mean your bedtime"

Bouncer~ "Real cute but I still don't know You"

Chloe ~ "I don't do cute"

Bouncer~ "OK, kid I get it your tough"

Chloe ~ "I thought for a second this was a playground"

Bouncer~ "A girl like you .....I can't protect you in their"

Chloe ~ "oh what about those flowers on your Bike"

Bouncers"Look my boss decides who gets in, alright" ?

Chloe ~ "who is your Boss"

Bouncer~ "That is none of your business "

Chloe ~ "well I don't fucking care , idc if there is a fucking dragon not letting me in I am going in there" !

After Chloe back talked he gave in and let her go inside , once she was in the mill she headed toward the music when she reached the crowd, she pushed through , she bumped Into two skeevy guys and made one of them spill their drink

Chloe ~ "watch it"

Guy~ "woah your the one that bummed into me your ok"

Chloe ~ "yea my bad"

She didn't decided to go through the crowd she just walked to the front room she approached Frank which is her drug dealer she wanted a cigarette but he said "Do you have the money you owe me? She was like fuck! I don't my bad dude she just decided not to get one cause Frank is not the one to piss of he really isn't , she asked him

Chloe ~ "who was the guy I pissed off?  Hint ( The guy outside she heard them fighting)

Frank~ "His name is Damon"

Frank and Damon are connected to each other he is his friend but not a good one, chole ask another question

Chloe ~ "where do these stairs go" ?

Frank~ "Dose it look like I would know I'm just sitting here smoking now go chole let me chill"

She just left she really wanted that cigarette but that's what happens when you don't pay, she headed up the stairs she hears the music much better she see's everything,  she enjoys the show 
But she got interrupted by the two skeevy guys that she bumbed into, they started to start a fight with her, things started to get really intense , then a girl named RACHEL (remember her she is very important )   she is a girl that goes to my highschool I never thought I would see her in one of these concerts , she saw what was happening, in the other hand I had the choice to either run or attack well I'm not no pussy I attacked him but he did hit me back I quickly ran toward Rachel we both stared at eachother, then she took my hand we ran down the stairs then the guys were trying to follow us but Frank helped us, after that me and Rachel went back to The concert we were just dancing 🤘🏽, enjoying the rest of it.

Then after that long night she woke up in her bedroom before school , she checked her journal and she saw a picture of her and Rachel in the concert

Chloe ~ "I have feelings over this"

Then Chloe her mom called her for breakfast, chole just went to change her clothes , she headed out of her room but she notices that her phone is missing she went to her mom's room so she could use her mom's phone to call her own


She heard it from the bathroom she grabbed it and started to go downstairs but her mom ask for her purse and phone, she quickly went to get it and she went downstairs to put it on the kitchen table , she went to her mom she starts to lecture her about so many things chole was just not in the mood, then Chloe just clicked when her mom said this

Mom~ "David will be taking you to school Today"

Chloe ~ "Are you serious ? This is such....

  Mom~ What, chole? Such what ?

I just gave up I chose to be understanding with her because she is the only one I have left and  the only one that cares about me, chole went to get David's Keyes and she really didn't want to touch anything of his, she headed outside she found him fixing his car she came toward him and he asked her to get him a socket wrench, she got it for him, he was done , he went back to the garage to put his tool back, they got in the car , he tried to lecture her she was not just gonna sit there she  began to back talk with him

Chloe ~ "Your not my father , your not even on the same planet as my father !!

She kept on going and she did win it, she is sick of David really sick of him , she falls asleep in the car 

THE DREAM~ she starts to have a dream about her real dad she spoke to her dad to turn the music up she was enjoying the car ride until the car accident happened .......

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