Hold On Tight to Your Passports

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Above is Emilia's airport outfit^^

This is not what she looks like though I will add a photo next chapter of how I envision her!

Chapter 2

Emilia's Perspective

"Now boarding flight 227 to London Heathrow Airport, we will be boarding at gate 24B"

"Shit, shit, shittttt!" I scream with my mouth full of bagel and cream cheese, while my other hand is occupied with my strawberry acai from Starbucks.

"Remind me whose idea it was to stop for Starbucks?" Jenifer says as she glares at me while waiting for her drink.

"Hey! God forbid I don't want to be starving on this long flight and you weren't saying that back when you were begging me to get some coffee!" Jenifer and I had made it to the airport with what we thought was enough time to check in and get something to eat before boarding.

"One Iced Vanilla latte for Jenifer?" The barista shouts from behind the counter. "Hi, yeah so I kind of said light on the ice. I hate when it melts and just ruins the entire experience for me, is there any.."

"Jenifer!" I yell as I grab her drink for her and head out the door.

"Look I get your eager to get to London and fall in love and what not, but, mama needs her coffee" she yells from behind me while we scurry past all the restaurants in the direction of our gate.

"What part about we are BOARDING, did you not just hear." I worriedly look back at her. "And I'm not just studying abroad to fall in love, that may not even happen, I'm traveling there to experience new things, the art, the history, the fashion, the ..."

"The Men!" Jenifer winks and says as she strides ahead of me while snatching her latte out of my hand.

"Remind me again why I thought it was a good idea to bring you along with me for a year?" I roll my eyes and rub my temple.

"Because my innocent little cherub, you need me, your wonderful best friend, to guide you in all things you lack knowledge in, such as your lack of experience with the male species" She says while glancing back at me as I give her an unamused look.

"FINAL CALL for a Miss Emilia Navarro and Miss Jenifer Mendes! This is a FINAL boarding call!"

We both whip our heads toward one another with our eyes wide as panic begins to set in and I start to hyperventilate.

"This is it, its over before its even begun I'm going to be stuck here listening to my mother tell me how much money and time I've wasted. Goodbye cruel world. I should have known this would happen.." and then WHACK, I feel a hard smack go across my face, as I look up at Jenifer stunned and perplexed.

"Did you just fucking slap me?!?" I say in dismay while clutching my tingling cheek.

"What? You were doing that thing where you get all stressed and then your face starts to scrunch up and you look all worried, I had to stop you it's not a good look" she says nonchalantly with a shrug.

"Look I'm going to get you on that plane and across the world even if it kills me!" she says while grabbing my wrist with a strong grip.

"Ok but can you let go of my arm it's kind of hurting..."

"MOVE IT PEOPLE! That's right I'm talking to you OLD MAN! Don't even look at me like that lady we have got places to be so either move it or lose it!!" Jenifer shouts while practically pushing through people who stand as obstacles.

"Jenifer! That's a little uncalled for really..."

"COMING THROUGH!! Hello out of the way! I've got a VIRGIN here who needs to be on a flight NOW!" As soon as I hear the word virgin I feel my face go red and follow behind Jenifer as I see a mom throw us a dirty look from nearby.

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